Police identify man killed in crash on ramp from I-215 to I-80

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SALT LAKE CITY — A man suffered fatal injuries in a car crash Thursday afternoon after going up an embankment and striking a cement barrier in the area of I-215 eastbound and I-80 westbound.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, the driver of the vehicle who was killed is 25-year-old Keiffer G. Carter of Cottonwood Heights.

UHP states Carter was northbound on I-215 East when he appeared to take the I-80 eastbound on-ramp. His car went off the ramp to the left, climbed an embankment and impacted the cement wall that separates I-80 westbound from the I-215 East southbound ramp.

Medical responders arrived and provided aid, but Carter was pronounced dead at the scene.

UHP states Carter was not wearing a seat belt, and “it appears that the driver did not make any corrections to avoid the crash.”

There were no other reports of injuries.



    How hard can it possibly be to drive like a normal human being and avoid hitting the concrete barrier? Everybody else seems to manage it just fine.

  • Sharon

    Don’t be jump to conclusions so quickly! After my daughter ran into back of parked semi going 70 mph it was determined she was unconscious at time of accident. We do not know why. Such judgemental comments only cause hurt to loved ones who may happen to read. Although they may make commentator feel incredibly self important.


      What part of “UHP states Carter was not wearing a seat belt” is a conclusion Sharon? 99.999999% of the other drivers have been able to navigate his I-80 on ramp.

  • Kacindra

    It wasn’t like him to drive with out a set belt or goof off while he was driving he was a wonderful man and such a loving friend I would know cause I grew up with him because he’s my brothers best friend and i got to know keiffer for his heart and soul… we all love you and miss u and we hope we can see you in our next life

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