Doctor shares trick to instantly quieting a crying baby

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Anyone who has ever taken care of a newborn knows calming one isn’t always easy.

Now, after years of practice, Dr. Robert Hamilton says he has found the trick to instantly quieting a crying baby.

It involves just a little shake of the booty, really.

The pediatrician, who has been working in Santa Monica for over 30 years, is so confident his method works, he has made a YouTube video to help all parents get a little peace and quiet.

Dr. Hamilton calls this technique, “The Hold.”

He says you should try folding the baby`s arms across their front and gently hold them down with one hand.

Then, with your other hand, gently shake the baby’s bottom, while rocking the child up and down.

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  • miles (dave)

    i watched the video and its neat. deffenitly something i will need to remember however in the pictures it humorisaly looks just like he is chocking the child

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