Bicyclist went through red light, hit by SUV in Salt Lake

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SALT LAKE CITY – Authorities said a bicyclist is in critical condition after being hit by a SUV in near 2100 S. and 500 E. just before 6 a.m.

Authorities said the 40-year-old man on the bicycle went through a red light before getting hit.

Officers said the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with authorities.

The names of those involved have not been released at this time.

Check back with Fox 13 for the latest updates.


  • Richard

    Commonplace for bike riders. Very rare to see any of them following the rules of the road. Downtown SLC is joke, you have to watch everywhere you go, since the Jimmy Johns riders are going from sidewalk to road and back, diagonal through intersections, riding around in circles around vehicles at lights so they don’t have to take their foot off a peg…you name it they do it. Bike lanes? What are THOSE!? Sorry he got hurt, but it’s a wonder there isn’t more of this.

  • Jay

    I find it funny how bicycles don’t have to follow road rules/laws. More than few time I have had to ovoid hitting some bike that was above the law!

  • One paying too much tax

    Typical byciclist. Police need to issue tickets to byciclist when they do wrong. And they should have to carry libility insurance like everyone with car has to.

  • Chris

    I do see drivers not paying attention to pedestrians and bicyclists. A lot of drivers think they are more important than anybody else and speed around and cut off bicyclists. It’s not always the bicyclists fault. Both need to pay more attention to the road AND respect each other.

    • Angel

      Really I think it boils down to this respect for the driver which in fact was my nephew and the guy on the bike.

  • The evil defend the driver

    I love how everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and blaming the bicyclist for “running a red light” while not even mentioning the fact that it’s possible that this driver was going too fast through the intersection and failing to even mention how our transportation infrastructure is designed around cars and give drivers of cars way too much of a priority over pedestrians and bicyclists.

    Think people.

    How can a driver of a car hit a bicyclist in an intersection unless the bicyclist was already in the intersection which means they were there first. It doesn’t matter that he had a red light. The only reason he had a red light is because car drivers run for public office and get other drivers to vote for them and then those car drivers give precedence to drivers of cars over pedestrians and bicyclists. This man is in serious condition and could die because of the votes of people like you and the reckless driver who didn’t violate the law when he recklessly did what a reckless law lets him do because people like you elect other people like you to pass reckless laws that give priority to cars over bicyclists and pedestrians.

    What is especially sad is that we know that someone riding a bicycle at that time in the morning on a cold day was probably needing to ride a bicycle because they aren’t as special as the driver of the car and can’t afford one or drive yet who cares about that. It’s cold out? You sit on a bike and you wait at that light and you let that far off car speed through that intersection because you are told to stop so the special one can go fast. Of course people who need to ride bicycles at that time in the morning probably don’t ride it the ballot box on election day and can’t afford to run for public office like the snobs on our city councils across this country can. But even if he could you and your families would just argue and not vote for those who are sick of families like yours. A man may die because he took a risk on a cold day while some snob hit him from the comfort of his car and all you people can do is attack bicyclists and say how they ignore the laws. Laws that are designed so you can get what you want. What entitled narcissists.

    You people sicken me. My heart goes out to this man. If you think the driver was justified to not come to a complete stop because people like your family create green lights to make it easier for people like them to go much faster then any person can on foot or bicycle you are beyond any discussion. Feel free to tell me why I am wrong and rant away people. Doesn’t change the fact that you are narcissists. Never mind that someone is near death because someone hit them because they were told they needed to wait at a stupid light so fast cars can go fast and get places really fast yet they took a single risk that could cost them their lives. All because insane people vote for insane people who create insane traffic laws.

    • Lohangerz

      Sooo, a bicycle stopping for a red light is just ludicrous?
      We just saw what happens when a bicycle DOESN’T obey the law and stop for a red light.
      Got any more bright ideas?

  • Clinton

    I was working at the Shell gas station when this happened I was outside on a smoke break when the accident happened I watched the impact it is sad that all you people are judging this every situation is different I don’t think either the driver of the car or the bicyclist is to blame I called 911 and held a rag on this man’s head to slow the bleeding til the ambulance came he is in serious condition at the hospital with a major head injury and it doest seem like anyone of you care I mean come on show some compassion you don’t know their situation it looked like this man’s whole life was on his bicycle he had food, clothes, games, and much more I just hope he makes it.

    • The evil defend the driver

      Of course the driver of the car probably doesn’t care. He had his green light to speed through an intersection instead of coming to a complete stop. This is what is wrong with our traffic laws. A man who was probably tired, cold, and just wanted to get where he was going a little faster may die because he took a risk and went tough a light that told him “we don’t care that you may have everything you own with you and want to get somewhere warm. you will stay in the cold at this light until it change like the animal that you are so that a car that is probably a half mile to a mile from you can get where it is going faster..Until we begin to rethink the sickening and immoral traffic laws and systems that our cities and states are enacting and creating things like this will continue to happen.

      We may never know if he actually rode through a red light or started on a green light when it changed to red while he was in the intersection since we weren’t there and there is no video that can prove that one way or another yet what we do know is that the convenience of the driver is the argument people are using to condemn the man who was hit.

      Every day children and even adults take risks they shouldn’t have to yet do because of a traffic system that favors cars over pedestrians and bicyclists and when something bad happens because a pedestrian or bicyclist cho0ses to not let those people and their elected representatives treat them like they are animals they say “well they ran the a light that those like me want in place so that our life can be more convenient as drivers.”

      I can imagine the driver of this car after he hit someone thinking:

      i had the green
      i had the green
      i had the magical green
      I am right
      I had the green
      I hit someone who had the red
      Green means go and red means stop

      Our transportation infrastructure creates magical like thinking on the part of a majority of Americans. I can’t even tell you how many times people have told me that the speed limit in an intersection is the posted speed limit which it isn’t. I can guarantee that legally speaking this driver was speeding because I can guarantee that he was going the marked or posted speed limit which is not the actual limit. They see the magical speed sign and think that is how fast they can go yet not only morally but also legally the actual speed limit is a reasonable and prudent speed under the existing conditions including when approaching an intersection. What is the reasonable and prudent speed when approaching any intersection? A speed that would allow you to come to a complete and full stop even if you have a green or don’t have a stop sign. Speed limit signs, stop signs, traffic signals, etc are all RECOMMENDED courses of action and not something you are permitted to do regardless of existing conditions.

      What was going through this man’s mind when he rode his bike into the intersection? Why did the bicyclist cross the road? No, that isn’t a joke even though the chicken did it for the same reason the bicyclist would have. To get to the other side. When laws and traffic systems continuously do this kind of thing including at that time in the morning there is going to be a time that someone is going to think “I don’t see anyone” and then go for it and get hit instead of waiting because they have already waited at numerous lights for absolutely no valid reason except the personal convenience of car drivers.

      This man is a perfect example of why our transportation infrastructure is immoral. He was hit because he didn’t want to wait even though he was there first. We know this because we know there is no way that a bicyclist could ride his bike so fast as to run in front of an incoming car that isn’t capable of stopping. He may die because he took a risk. A risk that only exists because we want to give car drivers a convenience they don’t deserve or need which is to have a green light.

      • Clinton

        Stop judging when you have no idea what happened I witnessed the accident I am the one who called 911 and I stayed by the bicyclists side and held a rag on his head to slow the bleeding til the ambulance got there I really don’t think that either of the 2 people involved should be at fault it was an accident although the driver of the car did have the green light the driver was more worried about the bicyclist than himself he was very cooperative he just didn’t see him til it was too late the bicycle that the man was riding was motorized so it was going pretty quick like I said before everyone needs to stop judging every situation is different I just feel that we all need to show more compassion how would you feel if the bicyclist was someone from your family or someone you knew you wouldn’t judge you would just pray and hope that the person is going to make it

    • angel

      You sicken me. This happen to be my nephew that was driving the suv. You act like he did this on purpose well let me tell you something you heartless wonder he is suffering pretty bad right now I hope in the future you can find out all the facts before you just assume anything and for your info it was an accident and he did run a red light and it breaks my heart that this even had to happen because he will always be scared from this accident.

      • Clinton

        I’m sorry Angel I hope your Nephew is ok and I’m sorry everyone is judging the situation it was definitely an accident I hope that he knows it’s not his fault the bicyclist came out of nowhere they both just didn’t see each other

  • angel

    Clinton you are such a Great person thank you so much for helping. People are so quick to judge that no nothing about the situation. Thanks again.

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