Provo City investing in improvements for expected influx during LDS temple open house

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PROVO, Utah -- Provo is gearing up for the opening of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' City Center Temple next year, and the municipal council approved nearly $500,000 to finance projects aimed at getting the city ready.

The city is expecting 900,000 people to visit the new temple when it opens, and the open house will begin in January.

The projects are designed to make streets safer and more pedestrian friendly, and they include things like adding flowers and benches as well as installing electronic kiosks to guide visitors to shops downtown.

Business owners said they cannot wait for all of the foot traffic.

“We do have some designers, like some that do our T-shirts and some that do mugs and so on, that are going to do specific items for the open house,” said Quinn Peterson, a retail store manager at Unhinged. “I think having specific items for that open house is going to bring people in and help give them a memento from their experience.”

Wayne Parker, Chief Administrative Officer for Provo City, said they want to make the most of the influx of people.

“We want to try to make sure we don't waste an opportunity here to tell Provo’s story and have a really positive experience for our visitors,” he said.

The public open house starts on January 15 and goes through March 5. Online reservations for the open house will be available to the general public starting January 4, and those reservations can be made by clicking here once that date arrives.

The LDS Church decided to build the temple in place of the Provo Tabernacle after it burned down five years ago.

The cause of that fire was accidental.


  • Bob

    The mormon church has enough money to finance any improvements it wants or needs around its facilities. The secular taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing religious garbage. I’m personally working with several organizations which share the mormon church’s protected status as a religion. Since the city is paying for these improvements to public property, I’d like to see said public property covered with Satanists in “offensive” attire, holding signs, chanting demonic incantations (demonic, but less so than the mormon “prayers” and temple ceremonies) and generally using their freedom of religion to be as disruptive as possible to what amounts to a mormon occupation of downtown Provo. I want every mormon to leave feeling dirty. I want the satanists participating in tours and conducting their own rituals in the most sacred areas of this mormon temple, I want them to imprint the building and surrounding area with energy that every “temple worthy” will carry with them for the rest of their sanctimonious, judgmental lives. I want them to fill the location with enough anti-mormon sentiment that it burns down a second time. So mote it be.

    • Bob

      Just to clarify, I don’t advocate physical violence, arson or vandalism. I advocate energy work, which is not a crime.


      Your hate hurts no one but yourself. Based on your comments it would appear that you are a member of the LGBT community and I suspect that you have the same loathing for yourself that you do for the Mormons. How sad.


      It makes my blood boil when I hear of cities making streets safer and more pedestrian friendly, and adding things like adding flowers and benches.

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