Utah Democrat calls legislators opposed to accepting refugees ‘bed wetters’ acting out of ‘fear’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- There is a new twist in Utah in the debate about whether or not the U.S. should start accepting refugees from Syria with Utah House Minority Leader Brian King tweeting out, “Astonishing to me how fear based so many of my legislative colleagues are. #bedwetters Man (and woman) up!”

"I want to push back strongly and aggressively against people who are appealing to base fear,” King said of that tweet.

He did not call out any individual for their comments about Syrian refugees, but his tweet did come about the same time as a meeting of the Utah Republican caucus.

"We spoke about the Syrian refugee issue as a Republican caucus in the house today,” said Utah Speaker of the House Greg Hughes.

Hughes said the discussion was a showing of support for Utah’s federal delegation, backing  HR 4038--which was introduced in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. The resolution calls for a pause before allowing refugees to enter the country.

"I think that there are 30 governors in this country also looking for a pause,” Hughes said.

Governor Herbert tweeted his support for the resolution, writing, “I support #HR4038, which increases the rigor of the screening process for refugees coming to the U.S. but stops short of an outright ban.”

President Obama has vowed to veto the resolution if it lands on his desk, setting up a showdown in Washington.

In Utah, King’s tweet about ‘bedwetters’ and calls to ‘man up’ is putting a light note on his serious accusation that some are using fear for political gain.

"It's my way of trying to say, come on people, lets not be nattering nay-bobs of negativity," King said. "Let's not be fearful when there is no good reason to be fearful."



    The kind of crude talk I’d expect from a Democrat. Probably the reason why they will always remain the minority in Utah.

    • JerryGarcia

      I so agree. Why do Democrats always resort to name calling and the worst part is attack children who have bed wetting issues. There is nothing wrong with pausing on the refuge issue and make sure these men who will not fight for their country are not going to come here and cause grief.

  • Greg jacquart

    Name calling? Says a lot. My opinion is not out of fear. No refugees from an area known to produce terrorists….just plain smart. Brian King can have them live in his house.

  • Travis

    Rudeness for what? People claiming that all Syrians are terrorists? Maybe you people are just used to stereotyping people, but it’s ok what do you have to fear? Nothing. You say your opinion is not out of fear, but where does your opinion derive from? The only thing I see is racist stereotyping, and fear in these opinions. When have you ever been a victim of a terrorist attack? When have you ever been to a 3rd world country? I have been deployed to the middle east, and shockingly I have got more respect from the Muslims, and Islamists that live there, than I get more respect from people in my own community, and country.

    • Jay

      Back up you claim that we have nothing to fear from allowing undocumented “refugees” from Syria? How are you so sure of this? Are you an expert on immigration policy and statistics? Do you know how many radicals already have come in from Syria, Somalia, and other places? Would you have us take in thousands of military age men? Why are these men leaving and not fighting?
      Further, what are you trying to prove with your military comment? Who cares who respects you? I have been deployed over half a dozen times too

    • bob

      Nobody says all Syrians are terrorists. Buts some of them are. And they’re being sent here to commit terrorist acts.

      True “refugees” are fleeing because their religion or ethnicity has them subject to severe risk of death. In this case, that means Christian refugees.

      10% of Syrians are Christian. More than that, in the areas affected by ISIS. And Christians are obviously much more likely to want to flee than Muslims.

      Yet, so far, less than 3% of the “refugees” Obama has allowed in claim to be Christian.



    I would rather be labeled a racist, bigot, or any other liberal name that you can think of rather than have any citizen killed or hurt. If one or two terrorists get by the screening process, that is too many. There are probably more here than we think anyway.

  • Stealinghome17

    Mr. King shame on you! You are an adult and leader, this is not acceptable behavior. The last time I checked this is still America, you know “the land of the free”. We as citizens are entitled to our opinions especially when it comes to our safety. I challenge you to apologize for your embarrassing remarks and behave like an adult not a five year old bully on a playground. In the meantime I’ll pray for you, you absolutely need it!

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