Romney run for president? ‘So you’re saying there’s a chance…’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- It was on NBC that 2012 Republican nominee for President Mitt Romney talked about Paris and President Barack Obama's actions towards ISIS.

"When you run for president as I have and you lose, it doesn't mean you stop caring, and I'm concerned that what the president is doing is not conducive to America remaining safe," Romney said.

It's the answer of a man engaged in current events in a way that challenges his former rival. Romney's lack of demurring gives Romney-ites hope their man might take one more shot.

And the appearance on national TV comes three days after a Washington Post article talking about a possible run, quoting former Romney Campaign advisor Eric Fehrnstrom.

Another sign of hope: his use of the present tense. He says, "I'm not running," rather than, "I will not run."

Romney continues to capture the imagination of at least a portion of the Republican electorate as the 2016 Presidential primaries and caucuses approach.

It's the increasingly marginalized group who's typical moniker becomes more ironic by the day: the "establishment."

The establishment has become a catch-all term for Republicans who cringe when they hear from the new breed of tea party or anti-politician who are leading primary polls.

Exhibit A: Donald Trump, who makes no bones about his opinion of Mitt Romney.

"Mitt Romney let us down," he tells one reporter.

"Honestly, honestly? I think he choked, OK?" he tells the next.

Card carrying "establishment" Republican John Sununu calls Trump the "Big mouth," and says he has no idea if Romney will run, but it could happen.

"Look it's a crazy season. Anything's possible," Sununu said in a live interview on CNN.

Former Utah state GOP chair and current Republican National Committeeman Bruce Hough invokes a classic moment in American culture: Jim Carrey playing Lloyd Christmas, who responds to his dream girl saying his chances with her are "one in a million."

"So you're saying there's a chance! Yeah!" said Hough, imitating Carrey.

Hough says Romney entering the race is probably one in a million, but if he does, Hough is in.


  • Joseph Delli Gatti

    A quick comment about the grass-roots question: Go to FaceBook and search for all of the following grass-roots efforts:

    “We Want Mitt Romney to Run For President in 2016!”
    “Draft Romney”
    “Mitt Romney 2016”
    “President Mitt Romney”
    “Mitt Romney Tea Party Supporters”
    “Mitt Romney Central”
    “[state here] for Mitt Romney”
    “Convince Mitt and Ann Romney to run in 2016” <–now above 10 million "Likes" (with no help from membership bots like Hilary or Obama have been using).

    • Ron Richey

      Your ignorance is showing, my friend. Educate yourself about Mr. Romney. Married to the same woman for 45 years. Raised a family of 5 sons who are all productive, upstanding citizens. Donated ~10 years of his spare time to minister to and serve, on an unpaid basis, other (yes) Mormons (things like helping the poor, counseling those who have struggles in their lives, giving personal encouragement, etc.). Built several million dollar businesses, employing thousands. Saved the 2002 Winter Olympics. Called out, in advance, each and every foreign policy challenge we have had in the four years since we foolishly failed to elect him. One heck of a good debater (what people wish Jeb! Bush was, but isn’t). Oh yes, and he’s a Mormon. Let me conclude by quoting someone named Jesus: “By their fruits, ye shall know them”.

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