Kids & cell phones at school — what parents need to know about the new rules

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Dawn Ramsey with Jordan School District shares some interesting new information on kids using cell phones at school.

78% of teenagers age 12-17 have a cellphone

47% of kids in that age group have a smart phone

65% of teenagers take their phones to school, despite any restrictions that may be in place

74% of teachers say that technology in the classroom enables them to reinforce and expand on content, and that it motivates students to learn

The bottom line -- digital devices are here to stay. They can be a great education tool, but parents need to teach their kids what is appropriate. Dawn says it is important that parents have open and honest conversations with their kids about bringing and using cell phones at school.

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  • Finny Wiggen

    Thank you! I thought this was going to be another “leave your phone at home story.”

    I very much dislike when the media runs stories claiming that they are a distraction in class. They are not a distraction. They are a powerful tool, that greatly enhance what I am able to teach. I can’t afford to buy all the tech we need. If I did invest in a classroom set, it would be outdated within a year. Smartphones go along way towards filling the gap. Students who do not have devices are at a very big disadvantage to those who do.

    We use them to watch videos, do research, use educational apps, take tests, and submit assignments via dropbox. They are not just a way of life, at this point they are almost a requirement!

    If you want to talk to them about appropriate use, then sure… fine… but I am a pretty good classroom manager. My students know the expectation, and for the most part they follow it. I don’t have any real issues or problems with kids using a device when they shouldn’t.

    An occasional student texting or whatever in class, but a simple reminder and they put it away.

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