Judge disqualifies himself from lesbian foster parents’ case

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PRICE, Utah -- A Utah judge who was criticized for ordering a nine-month-old girl from the home of a lesbian couple who were fostering the child has disqualified himself from the case.

"Foster parents in this case have moved the Court for an order to disqualify the Judge. While said foster parents are not a party to this action, a Motion to Intervene has been filed, which Motion to Intervene cannot be considered due to Motion to Disqualify. Nevertheless, the Court hereby disqualifies himself from this case and refers all pending matters to be assigned by the Presiding Judge," Juvenile Judge Scott N. Johansen wrote Monday in an order from the Seventh Judicial District Juvenile Court.

Johansen backed off his order Friday, allowing the child to remain with foster parents April Hoagland and Beckie Pierce.

In response to Johansen's recusal, Peirce and Hoagland released the following statement through LGBT advocacy group Equality Utah:

We are thankful that Judge Johansen has decided to step aside. Our greatest concern now is taking care of our beautiful baby foster daughter. We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from people all across the nation. We are grateful that our family is now being treated equally under the law.”


  • Dan Gray

    Sorry, one judge cannot legally remove another judge from a case unless the judge has a vested interest in the outcome, either personal or financial. To do otherwise violates the federal Judicial laws as well as the state judicial review.

    Sorry, but the judge has done nothing wrong to even be brought up on judicial review. The other judges decision to remove him is invalid and cannot be enforced.

  • ric

    it was a personal decision. Nobody made him do it.But then again it was a personal decision to be a bigot nobody made him do that either!!!

    • Dan Gray

      Typical expected response. He broke no laws, he did what he was obligated to do meaning he did his job, and yet because it does not fit your beliefs you start calling names like a 2 year old with filled diapers? You do know your post just destroyed any credibility that you ever had on this issue, right?

    • Dan Gray

      You took it past that when you started with the name calling because of something he did that you didnt like. So now for you to tell me to leave it alone after you were shown what a silly post you made, is sort of hypocrital

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