Gov. Herbert calls for security evaluation in statement on Syrian refugees

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SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Gary Herbert’s office issued a statement Monday regarding Syrian refugees entering Utah.

Utah is not one of the sixteen states refusing Syrian refugees, but Herbert said an immediate reevaluation of security checks used by the FBI, the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security is warranted to protect Utahns. 

Read the full statement from Gov. Herbert’s office:

“Gov. Herbert joins with those who mourn the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France. In the wake of these attacks, the governor will aggressively pursue a course of action that provides for the safety and security of Utahns. The governor has directed the Utah Department of Public Safety to immediately reevaluate the security checks currently used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of State, and the Department of Homeland Security as part of Utah’s refugee program. The highest duty of a governor is to protect public safety. Working together with our congressional delegation, the governor will diligently assess these security protocols, and if warranted, implement a change in state policy.

“Utahns are well known for our compassion for those who are fleeing the violence in their homeland, and we will work to do all we can to ease their suffering without compromising public safety.”


  • Makayla

    Unbelieveable! By allowing these refugees in our state at this time. We can go ahead and prepare ourselves for a possible attack Like Paris! There are signs right in front of our faces and by allowing refugees in our state we are setting ourselves up to fail.

  • Gina

    We all know that these people need help, but in light of the MANY terrorist threats we need to take action to protect the US. Say no to any refugees.

  • Kate

    I applaud the Governor (for the first time ever) for accepting the refugees into our state. You want to persecute the many because of the few? Here in America? Bunch of hypocrites and bigots live in this state. What a bunch of fear mongers.

    • V

      Well Kate that would make you WRONG! I bet your view would change if we had another 9/11 attack because just a FEW snuck/were invited in.

    • John W.

      First of all- you are grouping a “bunch” of people in this state as hypocrites and biggots. That is extremely hypocritical, considering you are upset that others are grouping all Muslims together as terrorists.

      Anyway, Please do your research. An estimated 15-25% of Muslims (millions and millions) are extremists who want nothing more than to kill Christians and bring down Western civilization. These are FACTS. If even ONE of these refugees has these radical views, how many lives could that person take in an attack? It only took 6 radicals (one being a refugee) to kill hundreds in Paris. How many did it take to kill 3,000 Americans on 9/11? As long as it’s not your life, it’s fine- right?! Letting these people in, without serious regulation is literally a modern day Trojan horse. If you were a member of ISIS, and you wanted to get into the United States, what would be the best and easiest way? You know the answer.

      With that being said, I do think it is tragic for those who really need our help, and are caught in the crossfire. If they are going to let ANYONE in from ANY country, there needs to be some serious regulations, monitoring, etc. going on. If we take them in, they should be willing to do what it takes to keep our people safe- since we are doing the same for them.

  • Joel

    Ignorant people in Utah that agree with denying the immigrants are just telling the rest of us what we already knew…that your ridiculous book of Mormon and equally moronic bible are nothing more than useless, worthless doorstops that you apparently didn’t actually really read.

  • Brent A

    I don’t think they should be allowed in the country. Lend support to other countries that are accepting them. However, it is really a mute point. If any state accepts any refugees from any country, why would they just stay in one place. Once in the country, they will go where they please. The beauty of our country is also a security nightmare. There aren’t enough ways to assure these people are fleeing refugees. Unfortunately, they could be the people causing the instability in Syria. I understand they could face death in Syria for “religious persecution” but we could also face the death of our own countryman due to our own generosity and ignorance. I am living abroad, among thousands of muslims, in a country that does not accept refugees. They gave almost as much aid as their next Gulf Coast partner for the care of Syrian refugees, but will not take on the security nightmare of allowing people into their country without a means of supporting themselves and a clear documented history for the security of their borders. Sad to say; I feel safer walking around in this country, among people with whom I can barely converse, than I did walking around Salt Lake City.

  • V

    We have no obligation to help them. Im sorry but OUR country and OUR people come first! All those crying for us to help them are going to change their tune real quick when an attack happens on American soil.

  • Just say no

    Anyone here seen VICE season 3 episode 12, “Enemies at the gate & Global jihad”? This series tries very hard to be fair and accurate to all sides of the story… (Please watch, get informed, make your own opinion). We are trusting, forgiving, caring people in Utah (and the USA) but make no mistake even though 99% of the refugees may just want peace and to provide for their loved ones, the other percent will be part of this too! Muslim extremists look and act just like normal people until they take action on creating their global Caliphate, a cause they deeply believe in. If the government or anyone here thinks these refugees will convert their religion, think again… For them there is no easy escape from the Islamic religion, conversion to anything else makes them targets to be killed by their own. Once you are Muslim you do not leave.

    How do you know none are a sleeping cell for Isis. They want to dominate the world and force all people to follow Sharia Law as Muslims. What might our new extremist residents target in SLC? Temple Square?

    My vote is no. Please don’t bring them here…

  • Dale

    I knew a couple of Muslims and they were fine people, but until we can tell the difference between the good ones and the terrorists, or the ones who will become terrorists later, or the ones who’s children will become radicalized, we’d better not accept any.

    • MJ Brewer

      Wait a second–you plan on liquefying people and pouring them into something? That’s not only wrong, but totally sick! I would suggest either proofreading before you submit, or admitting to horrific and unmentionable crimes.

  • TruthSeeker

    Hey Governor Herbert, have you not been listening to the news? Obama says the refugees will be properly vetted, but we know that what he says is a total lie. There is absolutely no way to properly vet the refugees because Syria doesn’t have a database to query. So, bringing refugees into our country, our state will only expose Americans, and Utahans to terrorist attacks, again. You do know that refugees have already committed terrorist attacks on Americans, right?

  • koffiekankruncher

    To atrophied gimp and koffekanann-
    I am sure you are also in favor of illegal immigration,killing police,babies,billlary and have an altar set up in your home to obama….BUT some of us like our security.Some of us have looked at other countries and have seen what is happening there.It is people like you that have allowed the terrorists to proliferate in those countries.Bleeding heart liberals.How about we bring some in and just have them live with atrophied gimp and you?
    Step up put ,your money where your mouth is.Or how about this,you want to help them so bad?
    Quit your job(if you have one)and travel to the countries where they are being persecuted the worst and start some humanitarian aid, AND LET THE THE REST OF US WHO KNOW BETTER LIVE WITH A SMIDGEON OF SECURITY.
    You two make ME sick.

  • MJ Brewer

    Absolutely preposterous considering what’s been done to Native Americans and the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Yet we’re willing to risk our lives to INVITE violence in? Morons. There must be hidden money somewhere we haven’t yet heard about.

  • Karl

    It would be better to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into the State and then wait for the results of the “study”. If we get hit with a terrorist attack like the one in Paris, it will be on Herbert’s head. What would he say then, “My Bad”?

  • Dave Servati

    There is NO WAY of telling who is good or bad from a war torn country. There are NO records, NO identification or history of these individuals. They can show up and say “My name is John Smith” and we have no proof if that’s their real name. It would be a better solution to create a safe zone in their own country, or better yet in one of their oil rich neighboring countries looking the other way because they know there are some bad ones in the group. 1 more terrorist in this country is 1 too many! Please stand up for OUR state and country!

  • Dave Servati

    Mr Governor, I have 10,000 M&Ms. 1 is poisoned with cyanide. Would you take that chance to grab a handful or pass them out to the people of Utah? I wouldn’t !
    Sorry can’t take that chance with refugees either

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