Utahns gather at State Capitol for vigil in support of France

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SALT LAKE CITY --  A crowd gathered on the steps of the Utah State Capitol Sunday to show support for France after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Many of those who attended Sunday's vigil are from France, and they spoke about the impact of Friday's acts of terror. Supporters sang songs in French, and at one point they released red, white and blue balloons into the air.

FOX 13 News' Robert Boyd was present for the vigil, see the video above for his report.


    • bob

      Unless the “helpers” are droppings bombs and launching missiles they’re not “helping.”

      There ARE helpers. They’re the guys in the Russian uniforms. Meanwhile, as recently as TODAY, Obama delivered another big cache of weapons and ammunition to the so-called “Syrian rebels.” Also known as ISIS.

      Your tax dollars at work.

      • bob

        Yesterday some moonbat parked a piano outside that Paris theater and played John Lennon’s “Imagine”. You know the one: “Imagine there’s no countries……”

        ISIS isn’t just imagining that. They’re doing something about it.

        While you’re “imagining”, hippies, imagine having your head sawed off on camera with a dull hunting knife. Sound like a good time?

        Start “imagining” taking terrorism seriously. Start “imagining” your “president” NOT arming the bad guys with your tax money.

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