French Flags at half-staff on Temple Square; LDS Church issues statement of support

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SALT LAKE CITY — In light of the Paris attacks, the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the following statement Saturday afternoon:

“With people around the world, we mourn today as we consider the horrific tragedies that have occurred in Paris. We pray for those affected, for their families and loved ones, for the leaders of nations and most especially for the people of France as they struggle to recover from the violence and loss they are feeling so deeply. We have directed that flags on Temple Square be flown at half staff, and that the French Flag be flown here as an expression of our love and support for them. In these hours of uncertainty and despair, we ask members of the Church everywhere to join with us in our prayer that the peace of the Savior Jesus Christ will provide comfort, healing, understanding and hope.”

CNN reports the coordinated attacks took place in six locations throughout Paris late Friday, including a theater, the Stade de France and at least two restaurants.

The Paris Police Prefecture confirmed a death toll of at least 128, down from the 153 previously reported. They also confirm 180 people were injured.


  • Bob the Wiser

    What they meant: We’d like to convert the children of the deceased to our organization and take their 10%. Provided their parents aren’t h@m@s


      You don’t say which segment off the LGBTQQIP2SAA community you associate with Bob? You should make an honest man out of your boyfriend Bob and make him your husband.

    • Ed

      You are wise huh, your rudeness dminishes whoever you think you are. Can’t you be civil at a sensitive time or bash some other religion who too is showing care for the condition in Paris. Grow up and see the good that others do.

    • elkih

      Bob, I pity your progeny and I’ll gladly pay an extra 10% if you would keep your vitriolic statements to yourself. Or go back to wherever you came from.


        Bob The Wiser is a member of the LGBT community and will never have any progeny. His resume consists of a blinding hatred for those who advocate for morality.

    • Emma

      Travis I am Mormon. And I will tell you I have prayed with a lot of different people. All of different religions and backgrounds. And I know that all are welcome to pray. No one is excluded.

  • Interesting Comments

    It is interesting how people are attacking the Church for trying to comfort those affected by this in the comments.

  • Stuart McDonald

    The statement also said: “Although these events are tragic, God would not have allowed them to happen if France had followed their counsel, via their “World Congress of Families” front group, and had made homosexuality and homosexual relationships illegal, imposed forced painful “reparative therapy” like electro-shock and nausea-inducing chemicals, as well as long prison sentences (in prisons where they’ll be raped) and the death penalty.”

  • Hyrum_Justice

    Who cares what the mormon church does? They can fly the old mans holy underwear from the flag mast and 99% of the world would not care one little bit.

  • Randall W

    Don’t be fooled. It’s all PR to try and look compassionate to the world to cover for their PR debacle last week.


      Probably why they’ve provided food for disaster victims around the world for decades. Your deviate lifestyle has left you blinded to the good the Mormons do.

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