LDS church increasing security for missionaries after attacks in Paris

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Below is the latest update for parents, friends and family from the France Paris Mission Babin:

PARIS - Officials with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said all missionaries based in Paris are safe.

All missionaries in the France Paris Mission Babin were inside their apartments when the attacks began.

Zone leaders have been ordered to keep missionaries inside until further notice.

No missionaries will be allowed back out in Paris Saturday.

Officials said they will post more updates on Facebook as their situation develops.

MORE: Click here to get latest updates on attacks in Paris

Click here to contact the U.S. Embassy in Paris to check on friends and family. 


  • Sarry Boetoro

    I wonder how the LDS church views the Middle East? I wonder who’s more successful at recruitment, Joseph Smith or Mohammed?

  • Bob the Wiser

    Hmm. They don’t trust in their gawd to provide safety for their “saintly” missionaries?? Pretty impotent gawd and pretty hollow “faith.” No wonder they have to theocracy-build to exist.


      What’s on your resume Bob? Has the path you’ve chosen brought you happiness? Why the hatred down deep in your soul Bob?


      People who are as confused over their $exual orientation as you are Bob are anything but wise. Helping you understand the answer to your question would be like trying to teach my dog algabra.

    • BOB

      You’ve got a lot of hate working there for you. Why don’t you come out of the closet and tell us what really bothers you about the LDS Church?

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    Now we know the thought process of a member of the LGBT community. The concepts of moraltiy and chastity these young men and women demonstrate by their example are clearly at odds by members of a community that struggles to identify which category (or categories) they best fit into.

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