Boy Scouts of America council in Utah announces layoffs after decrease in donations

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UTAH — The Utah National Parks Council of the Boy Scouts of America says layoffs may be imminent, as the organization reports it has faced a big drop in donations.

The council is about halfway through its Friends of Scouting fundraising campaign, which runs through December.

Council President Stan Lockhart said the data is preliminary, but it shows a substantial decrease in donations.

“We have to make those cuts now: The longer we wait, the harder it is,” he said. “The real challenge here is the fact that these are real people here we’re talking about. It’s a sad day for the Boy Scouts to have to make this kind of announcement.”

The Utah National Parks Council serves scouts in Utah who live in areas south of Salt Lake County.


  • Finny Wiggen

    While I do think it is very sad, it is hard to place the blame on anyone but the national organization. It is not the fault of citizens of Utah, who feel uncomfortable donating to an organization that supports inappropriate causes, and that does not live up to its own law to be “morally straight.”

    We donated, mainly because we were asked to be priesthood leaders. But I do understand the many who did not, or who perhaps donated less.

    Like I say, it is sad that people will lose their jobs. But the fault does not lie with Utahns, it lies squarely and entirely with the National Boy Scouts organization.

    You can’t pretend to be an honorable organization, while supporting dishonorable causes. Such obvious hypocrisy can only lead to your undermining of your own moral authority. When you do that, don’t expect honorable people to support you.

    It is really unfortunate that they have put themselves into this position. I wish all the best to those who will lose their jobs, and be hurt by their actions.


    When the BSA decided to allow deviates to be scout masters it was a foregone conclusion that people who believe in the principles the founder, Robert Baden-Powell, taught would vote by closing their pocket books.

  • August100

    I guess those greedy evil old men that run the Boy Scouts have no more Boy Scout Camps to sell to pad their salaries, benefits, and pensions…camps the boys worked their butts-off to fund & purchase.


    The leaders of the BSA allowed Robert M. Gates to hijack their principles and take the politically correct easy direction. Those who had respect for what the BSA used to stand for are disgusted and will no longer support them. Perhaps the LGBT community should step up provide the funding. Of course that really isn’t what they are interested in.


    What Council President Stan Lockhart doesn’t say is that the Boy Scouts chose to leave us. We didn’t leave the Boy Scouts. Baden-Powell would be horrified to see the direction the scouts have taken.

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