Petition asks guests to cancel Christmas concerts with Mormon Tabernacle Choir over LDS Church policy

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SALT LAKE CITY -- More than 1,000 people have signed an online petition requesting that all six guest performers at this year's set of Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concerts cancel their appearances.

The petition is in response to the LDS Church's recent policy change, which prohibits the children of same-sex couples from becoming members of the LDS Church while they are living with their parents.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is world renown for beautiful performances, but, when LDS gay dad Scott Fausett looks at these singers, he says he sees something totally different: hatred and bigotry.

"They represent a church that is very hurtful to children of gay parents, and I would like to see a couple of performers to at least make a stand," Fausett said.

Fausett is among those who created an online petition on the website,, asking for all six guest performers--Laura Osnes, Erin Morley, Tamara Mumford, Ben Bliss, Tyler Simpson and Martin Jarvis--to cancel.

"I have talked with multiple performers, one of them I know is really considering what to do, if they are going to pull out or not," Fausett said.

In three days, more than 1,000 people have signed their names, and many left powerful messages, all of which are forwarded on to the performers.

Some of the messages included:

"The policy will rip apart families. It is very opposite of what a God and a church are supposed to do."

"The Mormon Church is hateful towards gays and is using the children as leverage to blackmail gay couples."

Fausett said this petition isn't about him, it's about LDS children all over the world being raised by gay parents.

"These kids need love and understanding, not bullying and ostracized by their own church that they love," he said.

FOX 13 News reached out to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but they had no response regarding this petition.

FOX 13 News also reached out through emails and phone calls to those six guest performers, but only received a "no comment" or no response at all.


    • bob

      Matthew 18:10 King James Version (KJV)

      10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.

      Unless mommy is g a y.

  • Allison Collett

    I’m not signing a petition on something so ridiculous, the church has been discriminated against ever since it was founded. And now they want to stop a beautiful performance that people love. Isn’t that hatred and bigotry? Come on, this just needs to stop so the church can just be free.

    • Dee

      The Church was racist for 150 years – are you ok with that?

      Now it is homophobic and you seem to be ok with that.

      Joseph Smith coerced a 14 year old girl into marrying him giving her 24 hours to make a decision that he said would guarantee her family exaltation if she accepted – are you ok with that?

      Warren Jeff’s just wants the Government and society to leave his church alone too, but society has a responsibility to protect people from bogus religious claims.

      • Trace

        Then don’t attend. Who asked for you to be the prophet? Go spew your hatred toward those who are destroying the country. JUST GO AWAY! Religion ISN’T A DEMOCRACY!


        George Washington himself had been a slave owner for fifty-six years, beginning at eleven years of age when he inherited ten slaves from his deceased father. When Joseph Smith ran for President of the United States, part of his platform was a plan to eliminate slavery. Can you name a single Mormon who owned slaves?

      • BLJ123

        In response to Anotherbob’s challenge to name a single Mormon who owned slaves, I’ll do you one better: the LDS Church itself owned slaves. When the enslaved Green Flake’s Mormon master James Flake died in 1850, the master’s wife donated Green to the LDS Church as tithing. He then worked for Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball before acquiring his freedom and settling in Union. Read about this story at


        Then apparently it was a common accepted practice in the United States at that time. It was what the Civil War was about. Are you suffering some angst because you children are begging to be baptized?

      • bob

        The Civil War as not about slavery. Slavery was legal under the laws of the United States, protected by multiple Supreme Court decisions, and was under no serious threat in established slave states.

        And yes, the LDS Church once owned a slave.

    • sherri

      anything that supports bigotry and hatred is nothing magical or musical or beautiful about it. Hope everyone boycotts this and hope people cancel.


        How are your wife and your kids doing Sherri? Any of your kids expressing a desire to be baptized? No? I didn’t think so.


    Homosexuality has never been compatible with the laws of God or nature. Sodom and Gomorrah are two text book examples of what happened to those who deviated from the laws of nature.

      • Kyle

        The church is not blaming the child for the sins of the parent. If you read the articles posted by the church, you would have seen that this policy is to protect the children from an impossible scenario: being a part of a church that does not accept the child’s parent’s lifestyle. Think of the confusion that would cause growing up. This policy is to allow the child to not have to deal with that until he/she is 18 (a legal adult) and can make a decision for him/herself. Besides, if people are against this christmas concert series because of the change to the church’s policy, there are obviously some bigger issues with the haters, and they wouldn’t even plan on showing up. So why throw your negativity, hatred, and YOUR bigotry towards those who for all intents and purposes, have done nothing wrong to YOU?

  • Mimi

    Do these hateful people think that if the guests cancel, it will make the actual performance be ruined and have to be canceled?? Do they think that these 6 are the only ones with good talent?? I think not. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir can make a beautiful performance all by themselves. But more to the point, they can find other talent besides these 6. These people need to advocate for something that really matters. Like child hunger, or violence against women, etc.

      • KJ

        nobody is punishing children. You spinning talking points of hateful LGBT. why do you care? if people do not want to follow the commandments and the rules of the church they can leave. Why do they love the church? it is not a negotiation, Jesus loved sinners but not the sin. You cannot in your right mind expect kids to be baptized and asked before baptizm to follow the commandments and rules of church, if they go home to a sin. It would be cruel and not fair, Once they are old enough and still want to join and understand that their parents lifestyle is considered a sin, they can do it. It is such a lie about punishing kids. The church asks for obeying the law of chastity, to be moral, to obey commandments before becoming a member. Why do you care? I dont care what other churches do, I am not a part of them. Stop trying to change my religion. everyone is free to leave, accapt, decline. Unfortunately the LGBT people want to change others but we cannot ask them to change themselves??? see the double standard. LEAVE US ALONE. get your own church if you hate ours so much. this policy will not change and it shouldnt change ever. It is not what Jesus taught, Homosexuality is a sin and it should be. It is a choice people make to act on it. DO you expect to excuse evry deviant behavior just so the sinner feels better about their act? Gays can do waht they want, and LDS members can do what they believe in, somehow one is ok but not the other, how sick.

  • bob

    G a y marriage has been legal in several states for quite a while, and in other countries for much longer than that. Why wasn’t it an issue until it affected Utah? Was god asleep? Or does he just hate Utah kids in particular?

    • Thomas

      Mr. Bob, here is a link. I doubt you will watch it all the way because you do not have the “will” to attempt to understand it. And your “heart” is so hard filled with hatred you may not understand the how and why the policy works but i hope you may at some point in your life soften your heart is stead of being filled with so much hatred. Best of luck to ya.


      Trying to explain morality to a sexual deviate is like trying to explain algebra to a Cocker Spaniel Bob. How’s the husband and kids Bob?

  • Apologist JD

    I wonder if the people supporting this see the irony in what they’re doing. Here’s the paradox: the Church claims to be run through inspiration directly from God through prophets. If they succeed in getting the Church to change its policy, it would be proof that God does not lead the Church, but that it is led by men, and men who are swayed by public opinion. If this is true, why do they want to be associated with a false church? If the Church’s claims are true, why would you fight against God’s approach to the situation? Either way, trying to make a church change like this is a paradox.

  • bobisamaggot

    wahhhhhhhhhh,wahhhhhhhhhh,If I don’t agree with something start a petition,wahhhhhhhh,wahhhhhhh
    Bob,what do you have to do with intelligent responses?
    If god is someone elses god and not yours,what business do you have quoting ANYTHING having ANYTHING to do with him?

    How about this bob,”man shall not lieth with man for it is an abmonation.Kind of like you huh?

    wahhhhhhhh,wahhhhhh I am bob wahhhhhhhh, wahhhhhhhh
    You want to protest something?
    How about the black panthers saying they want to kill white babies?
    How about the IRS giving $29,000 income tax refunds to illegals?
    How about ISIS beheadings?

  • Malisia Stahl

    It’s terrible that a policy which was meant to show respect for LBGT parents is being turned on the church. This is a no win for the church. If the church were to accept children of LBGT parents, they would be accused of interfering in and causing discord in those families. Tolerance must be a two way street. How does anyone suppose we can retain our religious freedom and beliefs and live in harmony with those who believe and live differently if any olive branch is viewed as a sword?

  • kimkaysmith

    Bob and Scott—-do your research. Children of parents that are living completely contrary to the gospel, who desire to be baptized, have always been required to go through different channels to be baptized. It’s a long-standing policy. Additionally, the parents have been made aware of what their child is getting into and asked to commit to supporting their child in their choice. Unfortunately most parents can’t and don’t keep this commitment because they’re too wrapped up in their own sins to facilitate spiritual growth for their child. Therefore causing their beloved child to break sacred covenants. This new policy relieves them of that obligation and spares the child the anguish of having to choose which to be loyal to. And….how cruel and passive/aggressive of a parent (Scott) to send a child to a church that as part of their core doctrine teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman, while at the same time expects (and hopes) their child will not resent them for living contrary to that doctrine. That is extremely unfair to a child and rather sad (borders on the side of psychologically abusive) that some parents actually put their kids in that position. And how merciful of The Lord to spare the child such agony. And how brave of the leaders of The Church to make this policy even though on the surface it seems to be unfair. Having ears to hear the reasons for this policy is required if you want to see the wisdom and inspiration in this. You will hear exactly what you’re listening for and find exactly what you seek. If you want to find truth, stop looking to the liars.
    Something tells me that if the church caved in to the demands of this Scott and every other group that wants the church to change its doctrine to suit their own purposes; that they would not bother joining it anyway. They do not seek understanding or tolerance because they have none of it themselves toward anyone of religious conviction.


    Back in Noah’s day the people had all become evil. With the exception of those saved in the Arc God sent everybody (men, women, and children) home early. If people chose a deviate lifestyle their children, if any, can be baptized at age 18 if that is their desire.

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