Utes punter Tom Hackett’s car found after reported stolen

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utes punter Tom Hackett was prepared to ride around campus and get to football practice on a scooter after finding his car had been stolen Monday morning.

But, that would not be the case.

On Tuesday, Salt Lake City police say Hackett contacted authorities to report a friend had found his red Subaru on 1300 South and Foothill Drive.

Hackett said the car is in good condition, besides a dead battery and broken ignition.

“I gotta get a tow truck to the mechanic and like I said, probably costs me more than the car itself, but I feel like the car, like Basil’s gotten pretty famous so I can’t really give up on it just yet,” Hackett said.

There are no leads on who stole the vehicle at this time.