Breastfeeding mom fights off home intruders, fires back with own weapon

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CHARLOTTE, NC – A man has been charged in the home invasion and shooting of a North Carolina mom last week.

Semantha Bunce, 21, a combat medic in the National Guard, was in her Charlotte home breast-feeding her 4-month-old son in her bedroom when intruders barged in Tuesday, Nov. 3, according to CNN affiliate WSOC.

As the intruders broke into the home and opened fire, Bunce fired back with her own weapon.

Courtesy: WSOC-TV

Courtesy: WSOC-TV

“I think it was a shock to the intruders just as much as it was to her,” her husband, Paul Bunce, told the affiliate.

Her son was unharmed in the shooting, police said.

She remains in the Carolinas Medical Center recovering from injuries from at least two gunshot wounds.

Family members told WSOC that she has at least on more surgery ahead of her.

A friend has established a GoFundMe account to help with her impending expenses.

Semantha’s husband told WSOC that his wife’s National Guard training allowed her to protect herself and her son.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the undying support,” Semantha said on her Facebook page.

“It means the absolute world to me and my family to have your support during this time of tragedy,” she continued.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have charged Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, with attempted first degree murder, felony breaking and entering and conspiracy in connection to the incident.

Dawkins will have his first court appearance Tuesday.


    • Bob of all Bobs

      Agreed. Like the biggest question is….why would these intruders broke into the home and opened fire? there has to been more to this story than what is told. Did these intruders and the home owners know these people? People don’t just break into random homes just to start a gun battle.

  • Bob of all Bobs

    Ok, now before all you gun lovers start talking about how awesome guns are and all. Just keep in mind that it took more than just a “gun” to keep this family safe. A big part of it……as the husband stated….was the wife’s National Guard training. Something that most of you wanna-be’s don’t have.
    2nd, how the heck does one just breaks into a home and starts firing their guns? This can’t just be random. There’s more to this story than what is being told.
    3rd, while I’m grad the family is safe from these low lives, it still doesn’t change the fact that from every ONE great gun owner story, there’s 100’s of accidental shootings that cause injuries or death by the a careless gun owner’s own gun/s.
    You guys heard the stories, like the more recent hunter who was shot by own dog, or my personal favorite, the school teacher who shot herself while sitting on the toilets. Bravo.
    yep, countless examples of less than intelligent gun owners who frankly shouldn’t own guns.
    But ok, let’s hear the excuses gun owners as you all start to get very defensive.

    • David Whittington

      Yo Bob of Bob My Boy: So what is your point in your rambling diatribe ? Do you want MORE gun laws ? Do want gun law on top of gun law on top of gun law ? Please tell us WHAT new gun law would keep guns out the hands of these robbers ? The main point you seem to be missing here is criminals DON’T obey laws.

      • Bob of all Bobs

        So why have ANY laws then if hey. “bad guys don’t obey laws” Heck, let’s do away with traffic laws then since, hell, there will always be speeders, and drivers who run red lights. Why have ANY laws AT ALL then if that’s your attitude.
        I don’t understand how you gun owners are getting so bent out of shape over gun laws. If you are truly a responsible gun owner, a law abiding citizen with no criminal background, then you have nothing to worry about. You can still own and buy guns in your own selfish way only thinking about yourself and your rights over everybody else.
        No, I think it just comes down to you guys are just too lazy to want to fill out one extra form or maybe having to jump through one extra hoop in order to buy a gun. Just pure laziness. You selfish gun owners should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • anotherbob

        Bob I think you need to lay off the sauce bro. This was a good example of gun owner who knew how to properly defend themselves and you decide to come in with your gun politics ramblings and terrible grammar. You’re right in that some gun owners are responsible ones and some gun owners are not, but this story doesn’t really have anything to do with that argument so put a sock in it.

      • Smarter then this Bob.

        So Bob of all Bobs, why not post your address right here in this forum so all the bad people know exactly were they can find a home and family that’s disarmed with no means of protecting them self’s.
        The reason you can sleep at night with no body breaking in to your home and murdering you and your family is the fact that there is this BIG question as to weather you are armed with a firearm.
        I dare you to put your address up here, if your right no harm will come to you and your family.

    • Apologist JD

      Bob, the statistics you refer to are bad. Do more research about how often guns are used defensively. Even once you find out how often guns are used defensively, you won’t have the whole story because there’s no central repository counting all the situations where guns were effective deterrents without hurting or killing someone. The other point you may wish to consider is that I can’t mitigate other people’s bad behavior, but I can mitigate the threat they are to me and I can mitigate the risks associated with having guns myself. Anyway, my family of 7 is safe thanks to my firearms, and I have no LEO or military training, just good old common sense and range time, not that anecdotes make good public policy.

      • Bob of all Bobs

        No, your family of 7 is safe, due to the fact that NOTHING has ever happened. That’s great, my family of 4 is also safe with our zero firearms. Maybe you need to rethink where you live if you are really that afraid that you basically feel the need to sleep with a loaded gun under your pillow or that you feel you must tuck a loaded gun into your diaper each time you leave the house.
        So sorry you have such low self esteem that feel you need to carry guns to help you feel like a “real” man.

    • Cornelius

      Bob! You weren’t supposed to tell them I don’t have any National Guard training. Of course those thousands of dollars spent on ammo used in countless shooting competitions do nothing to prepare me to use a gun in a stressful situation with adrenaline running high. Of course I should clarify what I mean by “countless.” Unlike you, most people generally mean more than 2 when they use the word “countless.”

      • Bob of all Bobs

        Awwwwww, somebody’s grumpy because they’re afraid that more gun laws will eventually pass where we all would hate to see you all have to deal with the inconvenience of having to jump through a few more hoops. Poor baby.

    • Brwneyedgrl

      Hahaha! Well there (b)attery (o)perated (b)oyfriend your rambling seems to show that you lose IQ points every time you use the bathroom. Your nonsense and spitefully spewing your ignorance of gun laws and statistics do nothing but reinforce exactly why the 2nd amendment is so important to protect. Especially to those of us whom have lived through violent crimes and are only still alive because of our right to protect and defend ourselves and those we love. Don’t worry though, you still have the right to not own a firearm and the rest of us are certainly happy that you have chosen to exercise your right to such.

      • Bob of all Bobs

        I’m calling your bluff on that. Did you make the news? Prove it!!!
        Fact: Gun owners are MORE likely to hurt themselves with their OWN guns then they are to “defend” themselves.
        You guys are just rambling that same old excuses that the NRA tells you to say and how to think. Never met a bigger selfish group of people then the NRA.

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