Starbucks holiday cups aren’t Christmas-y enough for some Christians

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Now that the Internet exists, it’s possible to find out about someone who’s furious over just about anything. For example, the Huffington Post reports that there’s a controversy brewing in response to the new design for the Starbucks Coffee holiday cups.

And, surprisingly, the controversy in question has nothing to do with the fact that the holiday theme totally skips over Thanksgiving cheer.

The growing issue is that the seasonal cups aren’t Christmas-y enough — despite some very obvious arguments to the contrary. The color red doesn’t have much significance within the months of November and December besides the recognition of this festive time, and the designs are still in honor of the “holiday season.”

Andrea Williams, who runs a U.K. organization called Christian Concern, tells right wing blog Brietbart that by changing the cups from a design that in the past has included snowflakes, Christmas tree ornaments, and other overt references to the holiday to a plain ombre red, denies “The great Christian heritage behind the American Dream.”

Williams goes on to say that “This also denies the hope of Jesus Christ and His story told so powerfully at this time of year.”

Starbucks vice president of design Jeffrey Fields says the new cups are meant to embrace “the simplicity and the quietness” of the holiday season.

Hey, don’t worry, coffee fans. Your favorite recipes of the coffee chain won’t be getting a redesign any time soon.

Those Gingerbread Lattes, Peppermint Mochas, and Eggnog flavored anything should be more than enough to give Christmas — and your stomach — the two months of holiday spirit that it so desperately deserves.


  • bob

    The same people who complain about the commercialization of the holiday are demanding that J e s u s be used to sell coffee?

    The rules of Christianity are very confusing.

  • Ruth

    So in an attempt to make sure not to offend anyone, I propose that while you are try to order a tall, low fat, sugar free, soy, Carmel latte, you can add if you would like that in a traditional Christian Christmas cup, or perhaps a Jewish Hanukkah cup, or maybe a cup decorated for kwanza in honor of the African Americans or a regular Starbucks cup for Jehovah’s Witness’s, or a cup that declares “it’s just hot chocolate” if you are LDS and want to hide your vise. Or you could just be happy if the pretty young gal taking your order stops flirting with the guy behind you long enough to get your beverage right, charge you correctly and maybe smile?

  • i am a latter day saint some people call us mormons

    This is silly. I’m just fine that Starbucks does it this way. I’m not a coffee fan but i think Starbucks can be as christian or as generic as they want, its there choice.

  • kathie

    It’s Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for Starbucks and I don’t care what color the cup is. What I do care about, though, is sitting down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and having to deal with people who actually would complain about something like coffee when the whole world is being threatened by terrorists. So shut up and let me drink my coffee in peace.

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