Utah woman arrested for living in, selling drugs from storage unit

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PRICE, Utah – A Price woman has been arrested after authorities found her selling methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana out of a storage unit, where she was also living.

Price officers said the Carbon Metro Drug Task Force has been investigating 29-year-old Amber Hafer for alleged “drug pushing” activity.

Officers said they determined Hafer had been living in and selling drugs from a storage shed near 2750 S. and Highway 10 just south of Price.

Amber Hafer

Amber Hafer

It is not zoned for residential living and officers got a warrant to search the unit.

Inside officials found 15.8 grams of methamphetamine, 6.1 grams of heroin, 27 grams of marijuana and items of paraphernalia including baggies, syringes, spoons, scales and drug pipes.

Hafer was booked into the Carbon County jail on felony charges of Possession With Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine, Heroin, and Marijuana, as well as a misdemeanor charge of Possession of Paraphernalia.

The Carbon County Attorney will determine what formal charges to bring.

Officers said Hafer has 13 prior arrests including assault, paraphernalia, retail theft and drug offenses.


  • anotherbob

    She is obviously an otherwise upstanding honest responsible person who is now a victim of our failed drug war and drug laws, a productive member of society like this should be able to live in a storage unit and sell drugs to people to support their own addictions! And seeing how meth is good for your health and doesn’t hurt the environment around you when you make it, they should have just left her alone.

    • TheConclusionJumper

      The article doesn’t say anything about her being an addict herself. It’s likely, but was never stated.
      This sounds like a story of desperation to me. You don’t go live in a storage shed because you have other options. I doubt many people would sell drugs if they had alternative options that were less dangerous.
      So yes, we do have another now tax subsidized victim of the drug “war”. Yet another person who we taxpayers have to pay for the state to incarcerate. For a non-violent crime. I don’t agree with drug use, but the amount of money we are spending as a country to police what would otherwise be much less of an issue if it were legalized, is idiotic.


        The story doesn’t have to say anything about her using drugs. One look at her booking photo tells the whole story.

    • LegalizeIntelligence

      Convincing people to stay off drugs is the only way to win the drug war. Legalizing will only result in more addicts requiring state funded madatory addiction recovery programs. Id rather the drugs be kept off the street.

  • CannabisIsAGatewayDrug

    With the exception of medical marijuana I dont get people who want to legalize it. Any drug used to override the natural feel good and happiness response mechanism we all have is suspect. It only serves to delude you into thinking happiness is found at the bottom of a bong. All mind altering drugs are…is a waste of money and brain cells. Wisdom is lost on the silver spoon generation were raising.

  • Dramakiller

    What an idiot. Not just for the drugs, but a storage unit? Even the homeless by the Rio Grande know better than that.

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