Police: White supremacist on run after hitting officer, high-speed chase, crash

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah - Police are searching for a suspect who clipped an officer in a gas station parking lot and set off a high-speed chase in Taylorsville. Noel, Ronald N. SO# 179918 Dec 2014 mug

Officer said they recognized 42-year-old Ronald Noel, who they say is a known white supremacist and has warrants out for his arrest, at a gas station near 4200 S. State St.

When authorities tried to talk to him he jumped in his car and took off, hitting an officer in the process.

Authorities said Noel led officers on a high-speed chase that reached speeds of about 100 mph and then crashed into an embankment and ran.

Police have set up a containment area near 2200 W. and 4100 S. where they are searching for him with K9 officers.

The officer who was clipped was not injured.

Check back with Fox 13 for the latest updates.


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