Are hot dogs & processed meats really going to kill you?

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Dietitian Trish Brimhall separates fact from fiction when it comes to eating hot dogs and processed meats. Her main thought - eat them, but eat them sparingly.

3 Tips for Staying Healthy

1. Eat More Plants - half of what goes into your mouth every time you eat should be plants.
2. Moderation and Portion - a plate-sized steak or 5 strips of bacon for breakfast every day are not the way to go. However, a few strips of bacon at a weekend brunch, or the occasional 3 oz. steak are very doable in a healthful diet.
3. Variety and Frequency - Going vegetarian a few days a week, mixing up your protein sources to include beans, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs will help moderate your risk from any one food.

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