Religious observance continues gradual decline, Pew Foundation study indicates

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Americans are steadily becoming less religious, though they still report strong spiritual experiences and belief in God.

The Pew Research Foundation came to those conclusions after surveying more than 35,000 Americans.

From 2007 to 2014, the number of Americans reporting affiliation with a particular religion went from 83 to 77 percent. The remainder report being atheists, agnostics or simply having not affiliation.

Religiosity declines by generation as well, according to the study. Thirty-nine percent of young Millennials report praying daily. That's compared to 56 percent of generation X and 61 percent of Baby Boomers.

Perhaps more significantly, previous generations were more religious when they were the same age as Millennials are currently, says Pew's Director of Religion Research, Alan Cooperman.

"It is possible that as Millennials age they become more religious, but they started out less religious than previous generations started out," said Cooperman.

Among the respondents, 600 LDS believers provided Pew with a perspective on how Mormons compare with members of other faiths.

Mormons resemble evangelical Protestants and Black Protestants in the extent to which they say faith is an important part of their lives.

They also tend to share more conservative social beliefs with the same groups.

For example, 36 percent of Mormons say they think homosexuality should be accepted in society. The average among all Christians on that question is 54 percent.


  • anotherbob

    This is really good news, as man made religion is all just a scam to steal your money in exchange for blessings. The LDS church for example, if you don’t pay their 10% “blessings ransom” you get judged and ignored. If you want to really know how much the church and church members care about you, simply stop paying the ransom and accepting callings and you’ll find out.

    • DAN GRAY

      Sounds like you’re speaking from personal experience Bob. It was prophesied that many would lose their way and apostatize. You aren’t the first and you surely won’t be the last.

      • Anotherbob

        Dang straight, I had already fallen away and against my better judgment decided to give it a second chance. I’d only attended a few activities when I’m contacted to setup tithing settlement appointment, which I thought was inappropriate. When I said “thanks but no thanks” I got the cold shoulder. I didn’t want to come in and discuss my ransom/protection payments and so I was no longer of interest to reactivate. Something something gravity something something railroad spike to them.

      • DAN GRAY

        Apostates always want to blame others for their loss of faith. You remind me of the fellow who always sat in the corner, never said hello to anyone, and then complained about how unfriendly his ward was. It’s an attitude thing Bob.

      • David Whittington

        Dan Gray My Boy: The problem with your entire view of the world is the founder of your cult was a crook and a liar and a pedophile – and this founder also used a ‘hit man’ to have over twenty-five men murdered – so your cult founder is also guilty of murder by proxy. Your cult continues to attempt to cover up the dark history of this founder. I would encourage you to find out the real FACTS about the founder of your cult instead of your constant rambling on about ‘apostasy’. The people you are calling ‘apostates’ are really people who have seen the light and refuse to continue to elevate this corrupt cult founder into some holy godly status. This guy was the OPPOSITE of godly – he cheated his followers out of money and he had intimate relations with many of his followers – the same factors that motivate ALL cult leaders.

      • DAN GRAY

        Those who struggle with same $ex attraction try to place blame on religion that teaches morality. In today’s world these are the people that oppose traditional families and the religious ties that bind them. Can’t say as if I blame you. In your shoes I’d probably have the same outlook.

  • Llee

    If Jesus didn’t want us to have organized religion, he wouldn’t have organized religion when he was alive! But he did! I think people are forgetting that Jesus wanted us to have organized religion.

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