Mom outraged by teacher’s obscene drawing on son’s homework

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EL PASO, Texas -- A Texas high school teacher who drew a sexually explicit image on a student's assignment will not be disciplined for it.

According to KMOV, Kim Juzdowski drew a picture of a penis on the student's paper because he wasn't doing his work.

The student's mother saw the paper and demanded that Juzdowski be fired.

The district decided not to punish the 14-year language arts teacher because she admitted to the drawing and apologized for it.

The student's mother Sandra Green has filed a grievance to get her son transferred to another school.

She says the district told her that the issue has to go before the school board to be approved. The process could take more than a month.

"I believe if it was a man teacher doing it to a female student, they would have taken this totally serious," Green told KMOV. "But because it's the other way around, I do think they're letting the light side go on it. And I just want him out of the environment and moving forward."


  • Art

    Maybe if your kids would do what he’s til to do, she wouldn’t have to draw a d**k pic on his paper. Ever think about that?

  • Dramakiller

    Maybe the teacher was hitting on the boy. If that’s the case, lock her *** up and throw away the key. Pedo punishment shouldn’t discriminate on gender.

  • Courtney

    I love that everyone here wants to put all the blame on the child! What she drew was absolutely inappropriate!!! She is the adult here. Maybe some of you should start acting like one as well. Calling kids idiots shows just how immature you really are! The child should do his homework I agree but if he chooses not to then he is the one who will suffer from a lack of education and training.


      You’re absolutely right Courtney. Why put all the blame on the teacher. The mother who is too busy to encourage her son to study in school should get some blame to. That way, Courtney, he’ll be able to get a job when he grows up instead of begging for money on some street corner.
      Every think of that??

    • bob

      I’m glad I’m not the only one with common sense. If a male teacher did that to a female student he’d be fired, and possibly jailed.

    • DAN GRAY

      No man has ever been able to figure out what goes on in a woman’s mind. I’m sure it must have meant something to her, and us guys can’t even take a wild guess as to what the drawing meant.

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