Jury finds cemetery was not negligent in death of boy killed by falling tombstone

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PARK CITY, Utah — A jury in Park City determined Thursday night the Glenwood Cemetery Association was not guilty of negligence when a tombstone fell, killing a 4-year-old boy from Lehi.

Carson Cheney and his family were in the cemetery taking pictures in July of 2012 when the tombstone fell and killed the boy.

The family claimed the historic headstone was improperly maintained and therefore dangerous, but the cemetery maintained the headstone was stable before the child started climbing on it.

According to Utah State Courts officials, the jury began deliberating just after 5 p.m. Thursday and returned a verdict about four hours later.



    It was tragic that the little boy was killed but good parents don’t let their children disrespect a grave by allowing their children to climb on a headstone. Good job jury.

    • laytonian

      Maybe it’s just me, but kids run rampant in public all over Utah. I’ve even been to their churches where good behavior is not expected. Why would we expect a child to know how to act in a cemetery if he’s not been taught?

  • Finny Wiggen

    People are insane!! They will sue for anything. Life happens. It’s sometimes sad. But you don’t get top bankrupt others, because of your own misfortune.

  • bob

    Nailed it! Good job, jury!

    It’s particularly heartwarming to realize that their lawyers took all their money, too. Now if only we had TORT REFORM and the loser had to pay for the winner’s lawyers as well. We’d never see another frivolous lawsuit again.

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