Accident on I-15 in Sandy covers roadway with bales of hay

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SANDY, Utah – An accident on I-15 Thursday morning is giving new meaning to the term, “hay ride.”

All southbound I-15 lanes were closed near 106th S. after two 1-ton bales of hay fell onto the roadway at about 5 a.m.

Officials said the bales fell off a semi truck, covering all lanes in about two feet of hay.

Police said five cars were damaged after hitting the hay bales.

Crews called in snow plows to help clear the roadway.

All lanes are back open at this time.


  • Hyrum_Justice

    Too many times the farmers don’t secure a hay load and the post certifried officers look the other way. I have seen a regular bail fall off of a semi trailer and bounce up through another tractor/trailer windshield, killing (decapitating) the driver of the second vehicle. Troopers: Please enforce ‘Failure to Secure’ laws to the full extent of the law! You’re post certified and sworn to uphold. This one is important!

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