Utah Pride Center executive director resigns after 11 weeks

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Marian Edmonds-Allen

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Pride Center is without an executive director as of Monday night.

Utah Pride Center Board Chairman Kent Frogley confirmed Marian Edmonds-Allen resigned after only 11 weeks as executive director.

When Edmonds-Allen was chosen, Frogley said, the board made it clear she was to focus on program development and other issues involving the annual Utah Pride Festival. After spending 11 weeks putting a together a detailed plan, Frogley said, Alan informed the board it was something she was not interested in carrying forward.

In her short tenure, officials from the Pride Center say Edmonds-Allen advanced the mission of the Utah Pride Center with her efforts in reaching out to community members, conducting a needs assessment and identifying in greater detail the areas of focus and work that lay ahead.

“At the same time she came to a decision that the work ahead was not something she wanted to take on,” the statement said. “The Utah Pride Center will continue operations and serving Utah’s LGBTQ community.”

In a post on Facebook Tuesday morning, Edmonds-Allen explained her decision to leave:



    The LGBT community is searching for it’s identity and that’s why they changed their name to the LGBTQ community. To be more accurate it is really the LGBTTQQIAAP community. Personally I don’t spend any time worrying about my $exual identity. I’m more interested on what I’m going to grill for dinner.

    • bob

      They’ll never be equal until they no longer feel the need to have a group “identity.”

      I go years at a time without feeling any need to identify myself as straight. Nobody cares.

  • Hugh Pugh

    Leaving a sinking ship. Good riddance, cause she knows the cause is going down the drain and she wants to distance herself from it.

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