BYU tuition going up almost 3 percent; Here’s what you will pay in 2016

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PROVO, Utah – Brigham Young University will be raising tuition by almost 3 percent for the 2016-2017 school year.

School officials said undergraduates will see a 2.9 percent increase with graduate students at 2.8 percent.

This will bring the undergraduate rate per semester from $2,575 to $2,650.

BYU said the increase will cover the higher costs of supplies, library and laboratory materials and travel.

Graduate student tuition will go from $3,250 to $3,340 per semester, an increase of $90.

Law School and Graduate School of Management students will pay $6,155, an increase of $170 from last year’s rate of $5,985.

Undergraduate tuition for spring and summer terms will also increase from $1,288 to $1,325, or $38 more.

Spring/summer 2015 rates for advanced-standing students will be $1,670, an increase of $45.

BYU said students who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pay twice the listed tuition rates, and those rates in 2016-2017 will also reflect the 2.9 percent increase for undergraduate and 2.8 percent increase for graduate programs.

Non-LDS undergraduates will pay $5,300, an increase of $150; non-LDS grad students will pay $6,680, an increase of $180; and non-LDS law and business graduate students will pay $12,310, an increase of $340.


  • Jeffery Tessem

    Hey Fox 13 News, this is an awesome inflammatory piece of journalism! A 3% increase sounds a lot worse than a $75 dollar increase per semester for undergraduates and $90 dollar increase for graduates (who frequently receive a stipend or a teaching job on campus to offset the cost of graduate school), so lets go with that! If you are going to put this type of information out there, you should also site reputable sources like U.S. News and World Report that places BYU as the second best value Private University, ranked 66 in the nation for National Universities ( Take into comparison the University of Utah (ranked 115 with in state/out of state tuition at 8K/26K) Utah State (unranked, at 6.6K/19K), UVU (unranked, 5.3K, 15K), Weber state (ranked 77, 5.3/14K). Also, take into consideration that BYU is between #1 and #2 nationally for student applying to Dental School and top 10 every year (usually 5 and 6) for students applying to Medical and Graduate Schools. I have worked at the University of Colorado and Duke University, and we were always excited to get BYU students because of their quality. So, yeah, I think paying between $75 and 90 dollars more a semester (besides the fact that Spring and Summer classes for most students are completely free because of an amazingly generous scholarship program) is a small price to pay to have the lowest tuition in the state and the highest rank value. Good on you for your amazing reporting (cut job)!

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