UPD officer faces rape charges in case involving minor

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DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – An officer with the Unified Police Department was booked into jail after evidence was discovered that indicated he may have been involved in a sexual relationship with a minor, and the man was booked into jail and faces five counts of rape.

According to a press release from the Unified Police Department, 25-year-old Regan Anson has been booked into the Davis County Jail as a result of the investigation into allegations he was having sexual relations with a 17-year-old female.

"The charges are serious in nature, and we are very shocked," said Lieutenant Lex Bell with Unified Police Department.

Booking records at the Davis County Jail indicate Anson is incarcerated on five counts of rape and a hold that includes a bail amount set at $150,000.

UPD states the evidence was found during an unrelated investigation, and they immediately contacted Salt Lake City Police Department and asked them to handle the investigation into Anson. Salt Lake City police personnel began investigating that same day, and Anson was booked, “within 48 hours” of that evidence being discovered, according to the press release from UPD.

The press release states Anson has been a probationary member of UPD for seven months, and the officer is currently on administrative leave while the criminal and internal investigations continue.

The press release states: "We hold our officers to a high standard. The public expects us to police our own officers and we take that duty very seriously. We are shocked and dismayed by this incident and will continue to fully cooperate with this investigation."

Officer Anson's neighbors and family reacted to the news Thursday evening.

"I didn't know she existed," said Braden Anson of his brother's alleged relationship with the teen. "Everyone makes mistakes. Some bigger than others."


  • Jenafur lopez

    It’s not so surprising any more. The people that are supposed to be protecting us are some of the worse criminals of all. It’s a shame what we have become, where is the honor in wearing the badge?

  • Bountifulman

    As much as I like to see to see a police officer face the same harsh system he puts others through, my heart goes out to him because he is in for a world of pain and mistreatment and harsh judgement. If this was consensual at all shame on all of us for imposing strict laws and refusing to look at these things in a compassionate and common-sense way. 17 years old… 5 years in prison.. if this is consentual at all the punishment dont fit the crime. If this is what I think it is.. this happens way too much.

    • Hmmm

      Completely agree. If it was consensual then she’s tried as a minor at the age of 17. If this were a serious murder crime for her they would try her as an adult though….

  • bob

    This makes no sense. Under Utah law a 17 year old can legally get with someone up to 10 years her senior. The same goes for 16 year olds. The relationship, if consentual, was LEGAL.

    That only applies to females, though. In Utah the age of consent for MALES is 18. Period.

    Bizarre, eh? But it’s true.

    I refer you to Utah Code 76-5-401.2

      • bob

        No doubt, but he’s been charged criminally with an offense that suggests “statutory r a p e”….which is not legally possible in this case, because of their ages.

        There is obviously a lot more to this story that we’re not able to read here.

  • Travis

    He will get a slap on the wrist, and he will get a paid vacation. If you think any cop will ever have to go through a court setting, you are foolish. The philosophy on this is let them do what they want. That is how the government wants it. A normal citizen would have been beaten, and would not have a just “due process”

    • bob

      A normal citizen wouldn’t be charged at all, because in Utah a 17 year old female getting with a 25 year old male is legal.

    • Hmmm

      You obviously know nothing about the case or what’s going on. Noone on here does do idk why people keep judging and assuming they know what’s going on.

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