Suspect accused of shooting at officers during West Valley hotel raid arrested

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah - Officers have arrested a suspect accused of shooting at police while they were raiding a West Valley City hotel for gang members.

Authorities took 31-year-old Marco Ray Etsitty, who goes by "Caspar,"after finding evidence in a hotel room that linked him to the crime.

However, he was technically booked into jail on parole violations early Friday morning.

Marco R. Etsitty

Marco R. Etsitty

West Valley officers said they believe Etsitty conspired with those found in the room at he Sleep Inn Hotel near 3500 S. and the I-215 on-ramp.

Thursday officers were waiting for a warrant to search the hotel room in West Valley City when at least one suspect shot at them from a car driving by.

None of the officers were injured.

"When my officers got on scene, as they were approaching the room, there was a female standing in the hallway," West Valley City Lt. Dala Taylor said. "She retreated into the room, barricaded herself in, would not respond to officers at the door or at the window. So we ended up writing a warrant for the room."

Police said the suspects in the hotel room include two known gang members with violent criminal histories, one a federal fugitive.

Suspects arrested:

Ghufren Al-Bander (12-9-93) was booked for possession of a firearm by a restricted person, aggravated assault on a police officer, obstruction of justice. 

Danial Movahhed (12-24-86) was booked on aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a restricted person, brandishing a firearm. 

Lenard Cortez - (7/20/93) was booked on outstanding warrants. 

Kamel Al-Bader – (1/23/95) Was not arrested. He was taken to hospital, not related to anything involving a police officer.



    Another fine outstanding citizen of Canada run amok. We have enough home grown problems without having to deal with the rest of the world’s miscreants.

  • KDC

    It’s obvious these fine young people got their firearms illegally. They had no problem getting firearms, but let’s just make it harder for law abiding citizens to get them


        Sounds like our bitter young friend has bought into the liberal gun control mentality. Truth be told Mrs. Bill Clinton would love to take out guns away.
        KDC makes an excellent observation.

  • Dramakiller

    Real surprised the WVCPD didn’t administer some “off-camera” justice. The drive by shooter certainly deserved it.

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