Health insurance rates rise on Utah’s ACA exchange

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Health insurance on Utah’s federal exchange is far more expensive this year than last, though the rates of increase vary greatly depending on the company and the specific plan.

But the health actuary for the Utah Department of Insurance, Jaakod Sundberg, says he was surprised by how little the rates increased.

“I was expecting higher increases in the individual market than were presented by the companies,” Sundberg said.

Sundberg was testifying before the Health Reform Task Force of the Utah State Legislature.

Sundberg’s numbers showed an average increase of 21.8 percent across the board for individual health insurance plans on and off of Utah's federal exchange.

The Affordable Care Act requires individuals to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty.


  • David Whittington

    U.S. Inflation rates for 2016 are projected to be zero. General wage rate increases for 2016 are projected to be zero. And now here we have a general Utah insurance premium rate increase of 22 percent for 2016. How can this be ? Does the entire U.S. insurance industry live in some parallel universe – a universe devoid of the economic constraints and principles the rest of us abide by ? And to rub salt in the untreated wounds suffered by taxpayers because they cannot afford to see a doctor, we now have insurance industry spokesman and lapdog Jaakod Sundberg of the Utah Department of Insurance telling us we should be HAPPY with a 22 percent rate increase because in his parallel universe he thinks rate increases should be MUCH higher !!! Insurance in general is the biggest SCAM ever foisted on human society, and now here we have the wonderful ACA demanding we pay BIG money to these insurance industry scammers or the IRS will kick in our doors and seize our furniture. The Affordable Care Act has now officially become the Unaffordable Care Act. These are DARK times for the ever-shrinking middle class in America.

  • joe schmoe

    my insurance went from affordable to more than my mortgage payment, I was also treated to a very high deductible and ever increasing co-pays, not to mention a few of our long time family doctors chose to retire and not play this game.. so it looks like we get expensive insurance that we can’t afford to use..why do they keep trying to call it the affordable healthcare act.. its Obamacare and its far from affordable..

  • Artie

    I just got my increase letter and it will take one entire 2 week paycheck to pay the premium and all the co-pays will double for us! It is outrageous! We can no longer afford “the affordable care act”. Health Insurance companies are raking in huge profits!!! We already pay the highest income and sales tax of almost all the states!

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