Utah teacher faces controversy after complaints about fitness photos on social media

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SANPETE COUNTY, Utah -- A teacher at North Sanpete Middle School found herself at the center of controversy over what she posted on social media, but she said she isn’t going to stop sharing her story and inspiring others to be fit.

Mindi Jensen is a teacher who also works out, and on her personal social media profiles she has posted a number of pictures chronicling her fitness endeavors, which includes competitions.

She said the family of one of her students said some of the pictures, which are of her in workout attire and in some cases bikinis, are inappropriate, and after that complaint the school came to her and asked that she set each picture to private.

At first she complied, but she ultimately decided not to hide the posts from public view.

“Then I thought, 'Why am I taking this picture off?'” she said. “I get comments and messages that it's inspirational to them, and that these women like my story, and they're following my story, and if I put it to private then it's not going to reach these people that might need and understand me.”

Jensen said the school board met regarding the issue this week, and ahead of the meeting the principal asked her if she felt strongly enough about not setting the photos to private that she would stake her job on it, and she said she did.

Jensen said she wasn't sure exactly what happened at that meeting, but she said the principal contacted her afterward and said she wasn't in danger of losing her job and she could keep the photos set to public.

Jensen went on to say that a lot of the people who are complaining, are parents of students that aren't even in her classes.


  • Will

    What in the good lords NE is wrong with people? We have become a society of pansies. Why is everyone so offended by EVERYTHING? Get over yourselves. If it bothers you then don’t look. I find people being offended by EVERYTHING very offensive. Lmbo. Grow up folks.

    • Anotherbob

      I’m deeply offended you used LMBO instead of LMMFAO. Ultimately you’re right we’re raising a generation of sissies, but playing devils advocate here I can see the concern. Yes she’s an attractive woman with just clothes on, so fitness/half naked pics floating out there while she’s teaching young middle school aged boys I’m sure may be a distraction. I guarantee the boys at the school already have pics of her on their phones, ever listened to Van Halens Hot for Teacher?

  • tricia

    Shes posting pictures to her facebook on her own time i dont see a problem with it yes shes teacher but id she n allowed to have life out side of school? Shes not tag the school in her post so i think what she post on fb is her right n shouldnt be a problem

  • bedtime

    Anyone take a look at some of her “inspirational” and “motivational” pics for other ladies out there ? Please – give me a break. She can absolutely post what she wants on her instagram or facebook, but if she were my kid’s teacher, I would be seriously questioning whether I wanted my kid taught by someone lacking in common sense and social media savvy. Be smarter about what you put out there !

    • Spencer Reid

      Grow up, She looks Amazing and should be proud of what she works hard to maintain. What does what she post on FaceBook have to do with her ABILITY TO TEACH? Not thing 1. As far as your comment about Common Sense I am sure there are people that look at your Profile, Or Instagram account and say the same thing about you.

      • cbrown129

        Yes – because after my day job teaching adolescents in a very small, conservative town, I then take selfies on my stripper pole and leave my profile open for everybody to check out. She’s not smart – and neither are you.

  • Aly

    I think she looks amazing and I think parents who are complaining to the school about her pictures are immature and insecure because 90 percent of women that age do not look like that. That’s dedication, persistence and she’s very motivating. This is 2015.. She has the right to post anything she wants.

    • Not that Bob but another other Bob

      * pick up microphone* smokeinnn HOT! 👀🚬👍😜😉👌🏼😍😘😘😍

  • Steve

    So she posted them to her own fb account. I want to know what that kids family is doing stalking her fb profile or something… hahahaha

  • Jeff Krogue

    She is promoting health and fitness whats the big deal. Nothing worse than the couch potato crowd bashing people for being health conscience. It reminds me of C and D students bashing A students for achieving, it sends the wrong message.

  • Ryan D. Mitchell

    That a Girl Mindi. Don’t give in to these self-rightous jerk in Sanpete. They have nothing better to do than complain. Jealousy is a stinky perfume and it’s nothing more than being jealous.

  • Sally Jones

    Yes I do believe it takes 4 dedicated years to get a teaching degree….why is everyone saying teacher!?!?!? She does not have her teaching degree …she is not a teacher!!!!

  • Rachel

    well, I don’t mind her pictures, she does look great and she is inspiring. The other thing is that kids can see their teacher in a different angle, which I wouldn’t want. But there are also ways to avoid it, like installing parental controls like pumpic app, simple. You block several sites from them and none of the above mentioned is a problem .

  • Dan Cooper

    Maybe your students dads shouldn’t be stalking you on facebook after they get excited in the parent teacher conference. Maybe that’s the greater problem here.

  • Zero Star

    I honestly doubt she showed more than what you could see at a public school. She also clearly did it on her own personal social media account, and there’s been no suggestion that she ever promoted, or even mentioned, her pictures to her students. The charade of parents of children who have not even had her as a teacher is just cruel.

  • Jake lang

    First I am not surprised. This is Utah. UTAH is different from the rest of the country. Where people say heck, and gosh, and not wearing a shirt is inappropriate. She has on a bathing suit. That is inappropriate? Again… I’m not surprised. If I still lived in another state than yes i would be confused about it.. however after a few years in the state of Utah not surprising at all

  • David

    This is amazing fitness from a school teacher. truly a inspiring figure, even having busy schedule, she makes out some time for fitness. good.

    • Enzo MiMo

      She is not, repeat NOT a bona fide TEACHER, but just a part-time teacher’s aide… with summers off. Believe me, I’ve dated several IFBB gym bunnies, both older and younger than this one, and there is no friggin’ way she is supporting this self-absorbed faux-glam cosmetic-surgery-intensive (and Hormone Replacement Therapy intensive/expensive) lifestyle on a teacher’s salary, let alone an AIDE’s $13k/yr… no, mark my words, she’s milking the ex-hubby for $$, whilst exposing her children to real danger from the ‘roided-up gym rats she’s sleeping around with.

  • Enzo MiMo

    I don’t think it’s the bikini pics, per se, but rather that this narcissistic self-absorbed attention-wh*re divorced her (2nd?) husband for frivolous reasons (which severely damages her children in the long run), so she’d be “free” to spend the child support $$ on plastic surgery (and limp plumping injections), and “liberated” to tour around the country, posing in IFBB competitions, and playing over-the-hill groupie-slut to over-the-hill rock bands. :rolleyes:

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