Cops say man named ‘Crimefighter’ left rifle that prompted Capitol evacuation as gun protest

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Police said a man admitted to leaving a semi-automatic rifle, wrapped in paper with a wreath on top, in the middle of the rotunda at the Utah State Capitol that prompted an evacuation in the building.

The Utah Department of Public Safety said 31-year-old Cameron Carl Crimefighter (his legal name) left the rifle as a statement against gun violence. Writings found with the suspicious package on Thursday indicated his feelings about recent mass shootings in America.

"He's against gun violence and he's concerned with recent victims, shootings that have occurred," Utah DPS Maj. Brian Redd told reporters on Friday.

Crimefighter contacted authorities after seeing surveillance images of himself on the news on Thursday night. DPS investigators questioned him, but did not arrest him. Redd said they are discussing with prosecutors what, if any, criminal charges could be filed against him.

"People have the right to protest and put their views out there. It has to be done in a legal means," Redd said. "Law enforcement never wants to restrict people from being able to protest but it has to be done in a way that does not cause alarm. Obviously, this has caused some public alarm."

The suspicious package Thursday prompted the evacuation of the entire Capitol building, including the Governor's office, Attorney General's office, the House, Senate and minority caucus offices. No one was injured as a result of the scare.

At Crimefighter's Logan home, voices could be heard from inside but no one would answer the door. Neighbors described him as a "nice guy." One said the political protest seemed out of character for his personality.

Governor Gary Herbert's office declined to comment on the Capitol building scare. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, who is a member of the Capitol Preservation Board that oversees building operations, said security protocols would be reviewed.


    • Terrazzo

      He will be charged with Criminal Mischief and Disorderly Conduct among other things. Hopefully a Felony so his ability to buy a gun is gone. He is guilty of stupidity!

      • bob

        He’s an anti-gun liberal.

        And they’ve already said he won’t be charged. He did nothing “disorderly”, and his “mischief” was harmless. Certainly not criminal.

        Weird, yes. Dumb, yes. Pointless, yes. But if those things were illegal there wouldn’t be a Democrat left walking around free.

      • bob

        Free Speech doesn’t count if it “causes alarm”? Since when is alarming people illegal?

        He won’t be charged. And even if he is the charges will be dropped.


    Best way to protect people is to make more gun free zones and make more new laws outlawing illegal use of firearms. Problem sovlved. (Sarcasm for our liberal minded lefties.)

    • Apologist JD

      I say we start with a law against firing guns at anyone who isn’t threatening your life. Everyone can agree on that! And once it’s law, we can assume it will never happen again and the problem will be solved. Then nobody will need a gun for self-defense. And there’s no risk a government would ever attempt to subjugate its people and deprive them of their rights, so there will be no more need for guns or the Second Amendment! Yay!

    • Cornelius

      That’s a good point. I think we need to go a step further. Let’s make it illegal to murder people. That way we take away any method the criminals might have thought of to murder someone. I’m sure they’ll obey that law.


    I fail to see the linkage between advocating against gun violence and leaving a rifle at the Utah State Capital Building. Doesn’t this mentally challenged liberal know that you don’t abandon firearms in public places?

    • Apologist JD

      Good point. So what he’s really accomplished is that we need liberal control, not gun control. They have an overwhelming tendency to do stupid things like this, so we need to appoint overseers to make sure they aren’t a danger to society. The rest of us can just be responsible for ourselves. The real problem is how to get the non-producing end of the political spectrum to pay for their own babysitters.

  • Karl

    Protesting gun violence is fine, it’s his right, but doing it in a way that scares the bejesus out of people is pure stupidity.


    Anybody who adopts the name Crimefighter has a serious self image problem. Doesn’t this guy have a job or a life?

  • Cornelius

    I sure wish he would come protest gun violence at my house. If anyone knows him, let him know I need an AR-10. I promise to maintain much better gun control over it than he did with the last rifle he just left sitting somewhere.

  • Daniel R

    Using every portion of logic I have ever been taught by a liberal I’m thoroughly amazed that the gun did not kill anyone. Liberals have taught me that guns kill people, not people, yet this gun did not get out of the package it was in and attempt to attack one person even though it was in a very public place? I’m beginning to believe that liberals are incorrect about this matter and that it is actually people that kill people and that guns in and of themselves are actually just inanimate objects like knives, hammers, a piece of wood ect. So I am understanding the message that Cameron Carl Crimefighter is trying to show to all of us is that guns don’t kill people but stupid people with guns kill people. Which tells me that liberals shouldn’t own guns, because we already know that liberals are stupid people because they believe that inanimate objects can do things by themselves.

  • Faux News

    Sad thing is, nobody noticed the capitol was evacuated. Nothing ever gets done with a building full of republicans in Utah anyway. Just another day on the hill.

  • Bill

    So leaving a semi auto rifle for anyone to just make off with is fighting crime? Like I said with the dancer story, the country is laughing at us. Again.

  • sdsd

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    So how does Mr. Cameron Crimefighter fight crime? Reminds me of the fictional character known as Walter Mitty.

  • Lima Brooke

    I’m trying to figure out which is more dumb, the fact that they keep calling him crimefighter or the fact that they evacuated the entire capitol over a rifle sized package..

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