Olive Garden apologizes to police officer after hostess asked him to leave

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - All Michael Holsworth wanted to do on Sunday was enjoy a nice birthday lunch with his family, but a hostess at Olive Garden wouldn't even let him wait in the restaurant.

The Kansas City police officer was dressed in full uniform when he was refused service from the Olive Garden on 40 Highway and Noland Road for carrying his service weapon, WDAF-TV reported.

The employee allegedly asked Holsworth to leave the restaurant. Believing it was a joke, he asked the hostess if she was serious. Her simple reply was: "Yes, please leave."

Holsworth took to Facebook to share his story because he "did not want other officers to be subjected to the same embarrassing situation." His post went viral on Sunday and has been shared more than 9,000 times.

ogtweetThe news sparked outrage on Olive Garden's Facebook and Twitter pages and the company quickly responded saying that Olive Garden loves serving law enforcement and the incident was a misunderstanding.

Rich Jeffers, a spokesperson for Olive Garden, said this type of of treatment is "highly inconsistent" with the chain's business values. He also reported that the company's president, Dave George, apologized to Holsworth and said police officers are always welcome inside their restaurants.


    • MIKE

      I agree !!! This is Totally Unacceptable any employee that Treats Police or Fire Personal like this Should Be FIRED and There Home Owner Insurance Company Should Triple There Rates, Since They Don’t Want POLICE or FIRE Protection !!!!!!!

  • Joseph Smith

    They can choose not to allow him if they want. This guy above the law? Private property, they have all rights to do this.

    • bob

      Try switching on your brain before you read. The private property is owned by Olive Garden, not the hostess, and Olive Garden does NOT have a policy against serving armed police officers.

      The hostess violated the rules of the private property owner, and should be fired.


      You can’t possibly be that clueless Mr. Smith. There is a reason that the Olive Garden apologized you idiot. That wasn’t their policy. It was some spineless liberal female’s policy.

  • Bob Yeaman

    Joseph Smith, go back to school and get your diploma and BTW pay your speeding ticket you must have just received ?

  • Dan Gray

    Then REQUIRE your hostesses to either be retrained or be fired. And make sure that they know they are NOT going to be paid for the retraining. And when they ask why, give them this womans name and tell them to ask her.

  • LUCY


  • Carrie

    Oh, please! What a turkey! I find it hard to believe a grown man acted like such a brat gunning for some poor ignorant teenage kid’s job. Was he too intimidated and shamed by some kid that he couldn’t have asked to speak to a manager? I’m sorry, but no, it is not common knowledge that police have to have a gun on them at all times to wear the uniform. I guess maybe it is NOW, but that’s not worth getting someone fired over it. Grow a pair, dude, and just ask for management next time? Don’t police get some kind of assertiveness training? Guns freak a lot of people out these days, certainly just seems like a misunderstanding.

    • Dan Gray

      Oh PUH-LEAZE carrie and holly, are you two really that stupid as neither of you either have worn the uniform or know a police officer which is completely obvious by your reply. He was in FULL UNIFORM meaning that they could see he had a gun on his person. Not to mention that if he had called the manager and created a scene by demanding to talk with him/her, he could have been disciplined for disgracing the uniform and conduct unbecoming which could have cost him his job. So what you two are claiming is that he should have done something that could very well have cost him his employment, geeze the intelligence level in this thread has dropped by 150 points with your replies.

      I KNOW what could have happened to him as I used to be a Reserve Police Officer and my nephew IS a Police Detective and my brother IS a police officer. So if you dont know what you are talking about, remember the old saw of keeping your mouth shut and letting people think something of you instead of opening it and removing all doubt. NOTHING makes me madder then people like you shooting off at the lip and knowing NOTHING about what they are talking about, or trying to.


      Carrie and Holly represent the typical liberal lightweight mentality that guns are dangerous and evil. Is there anybody on the face of the planet that is stupid enough to think a police officer would take off remove his gunbelt before going into into a restaurant? Even Mrs. Bill Clinton is smarter than that.

  • Chris

    My brother is a police officer and I have many close freinds who are. Personally all I see here is a misunderstanding and neither party really did anything wrong. The employee just needs more training is all. With everything going on in the world why make a huge deal out of some small misunderstanding thats been corrected?


    CARRIE, in her comment above is the epitome of the liberal mentality responsible for the sissification of our county. And no honey, a hostess doesn’t intimidate a police officer. And another thing honey: no police officer needs to “grow a pair”. If they did they wouldn’t have what it takes to deal with your 911 calls.

  • Lima Brooke

    I’ll bet this is one of those officers that has very little common sense. He probably shows up to situations and escalates them instead of using common sense to mediate and bring peace. He has shown in this situation that he has a very similar mentality to a teenager. Much like the hostess who supposedly mistreated him. His response was to get on Facebook and tell everybody to spread the word about how olive garden treats cops? Seems unintelligent. A smart cop would have told the young lady that she is mistaken to ask an on-duty officer to remove his weapon. Next move, talk to a manager. Manager would help the young lady to understand protocol so that she knows what to do the next time around. He is a whiny drama queen and that is the exact mentality that needs to be removed from our police force. He is a trouble maker, not a protector. We should pay better money, better benefits and have a higher caliber person taking those jobs. As it sits now? We have the blind leading the blind!


      The officer handled the situation just fine. This twit (the kind of person that makes a retarded chimp look smart) asked the officer to leave and he did. He helped this liberal lightweight to find her center in the cosmos. She may be too slow to grasp reality but I’m guessing that other young beauties have learned from her mistake.

      Looks like the officer got the last laugh and that’s the only one that counts.

  • Emma Smith

    She’s lucky he didn’t shoot her in the back when she turned around!
    No one likes to be around unpredictable and armed strangers while eating stale breadsticks. Seriously, he should have just changed his clothes before going in the restaurant. A semi comparable situation that a hostess AND other diners would agree on would be asking a sociopath slaughterhouse worker to take off their bloody coat and leave their throat slitting knife at home. Police officers can be violent and emotionally unstable jus, this guy had to take to facebook and whine for the world to see. Poor narcissistic baby.

    • Dan Gray

      Emma stop being foolish. If he had just got off of work and was meeting his family he may not have had time to change. I can remember plenty of times that I went to family functions in full uniform as I did not have time to go home and change my clothes My brother even went to his daughters graduation in full uniform, as he had to work late and it was either this or miss it. I am sure the bank manager appreciated what my brother had done. Even if it meant he was late to the graduation.

      Crime does not run on a 9 to 5 clock.

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