10-year-old boy shot, killed in Cache County hunting accident identified

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CACHE COUNTY, Utah -- A 10-year-old boy is dead after a hunting accident in Cache County Saturday night.

Officials have identified the boy as Zachary Woodruff of Smithfield, Utah.

The incident was reported at 7:29 p.m. in an area about one mile southeast of Red Spur, which is the far southeast corner of the forest service area of Cache County. A Cache Valley boy was sitting on the floorboard of four wheeler trying to stay warm and out of the wind when a hunting companion pulled next him and got off his four wheeler, according to a press release from Cache County Sheriff's Office.

The hunting companion was removing his rifle from the front of his four wheeler when the gun went off and struck the victim, the release states.

Life Flight was called as well as the sheriff's office, Cache County Search and Rescue and Logan City Paramedics were en route.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by a Life Flight crew.

No charges are pending at this time as it appears to be an accident.

The name of boy has not been released pending notification of family, friends and school authorities.

“As you can imagine the family is devastated,” said Chief Deputy Matt Bilodeau. “During an outing meant to create memories, enjoy nature, and bring family and friends closer, to have something like this happen is unimaginable. Please pray for their family.”


  • Anotherbob

    Very sad, some people just aren’t responsible enough to have guns, period. A responsible gun owner knows how to carry/remove a gun from their atv/vehicle without it firing.


    Yes it is very sad. It just like people who drive cars and trucks. Some people just aren’t responsible enough to have cars or trucks. A responsible car/truck owner never makes a mistake and kills someone. Probably why they call them accidents.

    • Not Another Bob

      Anotheranotherbob; I see where you were going with your reply to the first post. I get it and it actually made me go ‘hm’ with a nod…. But honestly it’s not the same. I do understand accidents happen and that’s why they’re called accidents not ‘on purposes’… But fact is, a responsible gun owner does know how to handle his gun. He knows to use the safety and to unload the chamber and he does it every time… Accidents do happen but it’s the gun holder -and vehicle operators- responsibility to mitigate the risks. It’s if unfortunate that did not happen here, but it’s still an accident and I’m sure he (or she) is devastated.

      • bob

        It is exactly the same. There is no such thing as an “accident.” Nothing happens randomly. There is always cause and effect.

        If nobody ever made mistakes there would never be any highways deaths. Guns are no different.

        All it takes is a moment’s lapse of judgment. Familiarity leads to complacency. Every one of us has multiple chances, every day, to make such an error and kill ourselves or others.

        It’s just another reminder to PAY ATTENTION. Pilots know this. That’s why they are so obsessed with checklists. No matter how many times they’ve flown a plane, the best pilots ALWAYS have that checklist strapped to their knee.

    • Ashley

      Way to cover your ears and ignore what’s goin on. Why did that person have a gun if they don’t know how to properly use it?


        When someone is killed in a tragic car accident you never comment Ashley. Are we supposed to look at tragic accidents involving firearms differently?

    • bob (@Angryfan3)

      Apples and Oranges. Only difference is the DMV can revoke a person’s driver’s license if they have enough points against them for violations. Gun owners who is reckless, we just feel sorry for them, make excuses, after excuses, after excuses and that same person can just go to another gun show where they give out guns like candy. Miss the gun show?, don’t worry, there be another one in two weeks time.

      • bob

        Merely causing a wreck and killing someone is not grounds for revoking a driver’s license.

        What do you want to do? Burn the guy at the stake? I honestly can’t understand what point you’re trying to make, other than you’re afraid of guns and don’t think they should exist.


        @BOB (@ANGRYFAN3)
        What do gun shows have to do with this tragic accident? How many people were killed today Bob by someone who was texting while driving?

      • Carol

        Drivers are reckless also. Have you been on the freeway lately? There are a lot of scary drivers out there. But as to your comment, there are people who repeatedly drive drunk or under the influence of drugs even if the DMV revoked their license. For some, depending on who they are, get excused time after time also. So it really isn’t that different. There is no way to stop people from making bad choices and sometimes it really is just an accident.

  • Stacy Figgins

    Out hearts and prayers go out to this family. Me and my husband would be glad to donate a casket to the family if it would help ,please contact us

    • bob

      You know, the “bob” thing is only effective if you’re name is just “bob.”

      The point is to eliminate personalities from the discussion and keep the subject on the subject.

      Everyone should be “bob” in every discussion group on the internet, all the time.


    The fact that a irresponsible driver can walk into a car dealership where they give out cars like candy and drive out with a 3000 lb vehicle capable of killing a 10-year old boy makes as much sense as buying gun at a gun show. Right Bob?


    The anti-gun liberals can’t base their arguments on logic so they are forced to rely on emotions.

    • bob

      Liberals never exercise logic or reason. Conservatives will wait until their emotional reaction has passed before making a judgment. Emotion clouds reason. We don’t lack emotion. We just don’t use it as a substitute for logic and fact-based reasoning.

      Reasoning takes effort, after all. Emotion just happens. It’s way easier.

  • Chad Hawkes

    Both these families live in our neighborhood. This event will affect their lives for ever. For anyone to get on here and push their own personal agenda having little or no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding this tragedy should just button it up.

    • Scott

      Chad, Everyone has a right to reply, even if we don’t know them personally. Do you have any more knowledge that can tell us why someone’s gun inexplicably fired and killed a boy while taking it off a rack? Please I want to know the truth, enlighten us.


      Everybody that gets killed lives in somebody’s neighborhood Chad. In this particular story somebody was careless with a firearm.

  • Cathy

    This was a child, loved by his family! How do any of these comments saying accidents Don’t happen, help them? Do you people not have a heart or any compassion for other’s? You should be ashamed!! This is a very experienced family of hunters’, they follow all safety rules, and still bad things can happen, no matter how careful you are. I pray none of you ever have to feel the pain this family is going through… No matter how insensitive you are all being!!


      No Cathy, as a life long gun owner I can tell you without any equivocation that someone didn’t follow all the safety rules. There is never any excuse for an accidental firearm discharge unless the firearm malfunctions. In that event no one is ever hurt because you never ever point the muzzle of the firearm in the direction of another person.
      It was a careless mistake Cathy, like backing over a child in your driveway.

      • Carebear

        Of course someone messed up! The person who made the mistake knows that better than anyone else and will never make that mistake again. Have you thought that that person might come on here and read your horrible comments and feel even worse? Someone like this doesn’t need to be reprimanded, they need to be shown love. Both families must be hurting so badly right now. Please don’t rub salt in the wound. These are human beings with feelings!!


        The hunter was careless, it cost someone their life, and I’m judging the hunter’s behavior because it reflects poorly on mature gun owners who are under fire from the liberal element in our country that want to put all gun owners in the same box.
        You always must be totally aware of where the muzzle of your firearm is pointing. Firearm safety 101.

      • Carebear

        @anotheranotherbob I understand. I’m all for gun safety. I just wonder if you couldn’t perhaps shout your gun safety somewhere else. If it was a kid who did this (which has been implied) he just went through the harshest course of gun safety anyone can go through. He knows now more than anyone what he should have done. If he’s a teenager, he will likely read this story and these comments down the road. What if it were to cause him to take his own life? I’m sure he feels more than enough guilt and remorse without people pointing out that he did something terribly wrong. He already knows that.


        I’m glad you’re “all for gun safety”. Let’s keep it a secret so that others don’t learn from this hunter’s mistake.

    • bob

      Because accidents don’t happen. Mistakes happen. Complacency happens. Poor judgment happens. There are no accidents.

      Well…..getting hit by a meteorite is probably an accident. But nothing involving human endeavor, on any level, is ever an accident.

      This happened because somebody screwed up.

  • Cathy

    I know this family. It was not a careless gun owner… The public does NOT know the whole story, so PLEASE STOP. These comments are causing more harm than good. To not say too much, there are reasons police and news do not state the entire situation that lead up to this terrible ACCIDENT… Just please remember this was a child, a treasured loved child, with other non-adults present, as well. Don’t be hurtful, or blameful in your comments, just know they may cause more harm than good! Keep this family in your prayers, and kiss your own children often! You just never know when a “helping hand” can cause such a terrible ACCIDENT!! Thank God it wasn’t your families! And when the whole story can’t be told, be mindful of who you judge. That is not our job, and all will be forgiven by the One who’s job it is.


      It is very appropriate to judge people’s actions Cathy. Somebody either wasn’t properly trained, or in this case properly supervised. The muzzle, the pointy end where the bullet comes out, should never be pointed in the direction of another human being. That way if the gun discharges by accident, again something that should never happen, nobody gets shot.

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