Clinton man accused of child sex abuse; police seek additional alleged victims

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CLINTON, Utah — A Clinton man was booked into the Davis County Jail Monday on allegations of child sex abuse that occurred 10 years ago.

Corey VanLare, 36, is accused of abusing children in 2005 and 2008. The reports of inappropriate touching occurred at VanLare’s home, according to Det. Zeke Swander with Clinton police.

“Corey's house was basically a place where these guys wanted to hangout,” Swander said. “It was a cool place to be and sleepovers happened, that type of thing. And that's where we got information that the sex abuse had taken place.”

The investigation started in July when a woman reported the abuse to Clinton police. From there, Swander said they were led to three other women, all who had similar stories. Now, they believe VanLare could have had more victims from 2005-15.

“They were neighborhood kids, that type of thing,” explained Swander. “We just want to do our due diligence and make sure that all the victims are heard and have an opportunity to be heard.”

VanLare was booked into jail on charges of two counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, object rape and two counts of forcible sexual abuse.

Outside his home Monday, VanLare’s girlfriend of several months was in disbelief.

“I’m a bit confused right now. I don’t know if everything is true or not, but from my knowledge I see a good person,” said a woman named Hilary, who asked we not use her last name.

She learned of the investigation two weeks ago when VanLare informed her of it.  A mother of two, she admits she immediately had concerns.

“That came to my mind. My kids,” she said. “I asked them and sat them down and said, ‘Hey, it’s OK, you can tell me. You’re not going to be in trouble, nothing is going to happen.’”

She contends they were not harmed and that VanLare has denied all the accusations. However, police counter that he has admitted to certain things over the course of their questioning.

Anyone with information regarding VanLare is asked to call Clinton police at 801-614-0800.



      • Elean

        They were spending the night with his step kids. He was not single. They were their school friends. So not just spending the night at a creepy old mans house.

    • Nichole

      He had always given me a creepy feeling. Growing up. He lived kiddy corner to my mom’s house. Maybe he never advanced on me because I was 18 around the time they moved in. But even his ex wife was no saint her self. She caused problems for my family. I don’t think she knew about what Cory was doing at the time. But I do know that when they split up. No one really knew as to why.

      • Lily

        I know for a fact that this house was not a party house. There were rules that had to be followed.
        Unless you know what they’re going through, you should not speculate.
        He deserves to be thrown in with the other inmates and given what he deserves. His ex did not know. She was there if we needed food, shoes, coats, school lunch money or advice. He took advantage of a good person trying to make a difference. Who cares why they divorced, instead of gossiping and trying to make it about you, everyone should be trying to help the victims.
        Lock him up and throw away the key so he can’t hurt anyone else.

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