Woman killed after car rolls on I-215 near Maverik Center

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah - A 21-year-old woman has died after a rollover accident on I-215 near the Maverik Center.

Authorities have identified the woman as Kimberly Buchanan of Bountiful.

Officials said Buchanan's car went airborne and crashed underneath the overpass at about 3:30 a.m. Friday.

Authorities said they believe fatigue is the reason her car veered off the road.

Officers said Buchanan wasn't wearing her seat belt.

Crews have reopened all traffic lanes.

Check back with Fox 13 for the latest updates.


  • DDD

    Why wasn’t she wearing a seatbelt? It’s the law, and it keeps you from exiting the vehicle through the front window ….. or through the open door when the car is rolling?

    • Dez

      why don’t you keep your comments to yourself. Why are you so rude. We all have questions. The family is having a hard time and your little comments don’t help anyone. So shut your mouth and keep scrolling.

      • anotherbob

        Feel free to also shut your mouth DEZ and don’t reply to comments if you don’t like them, it’s an open forum and it’s an honest question. Just because you or others reading this knew the girl doesn’t mean everybody does or even really cares, I know I sure don’t. Week after week after week there are more and more stories of people losing their lives because taking an extra two seconds to put their seatbelts on is apparently just too much of an inconvenience to bother with, and then people are surprised when they are injured/kill in an accident. Also the story states they believe the original cause for leaving the road was fatigue, so I’d like to personally thank Kim for only taking herself out, as opposed to killing somebody else on the road because she was too tired to drive but decided to anyways.

      • DDD

        Seatbelts save lives. They keep you inside your vehicle when it is rolling down the highway. Some people are only partially ejected, and that is the only part of their bodies that are crushed by the rolling automobile.

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