Utah family files lawsuit against Snowbird after drunken assault during Oktoberfest last year

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A family has filed a lawsuit against Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort a year after they were assaulted by a group of drunk patrons during Oktoberfest, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

The Anderson family and Thadius Grzeskiewicz are suing for negligent and illegal sale of alcohol. They claim Snowbird employees should have stopped serving the men alcohol.

According to the lawsuit, the incident took place on Sept. 14 when Brent and Laura Anderson and Grzeskiewicz, Laura Anderson’s son, were staying at the resort during the annual Oktoberfest. Grzeskiewcz, his wife and 4-month-old son were also among the group.

That evening, the lawsuit indicates the family bought Hidden Peak tram tickets. A short time after they got in line for the tram, a group of about nine individuals carrying steins filled with beer arrived.

The lawsuit claims the group was heavily intoxicated and using offensive language.

“Brent Anderson, concerned about his family and the other passengers, politely asked the individuals who were swearing to please temper their language as there were families with children present,” the lawsuit indicates.

Snowbird personnel present did not question or caution the group, the lawsuit claims. Instead, they were told to finish or pour out their drinks before getting on the tram.

“During the ascent to Hidden Peak, several of the intoxicated individuals continued to use vulgar language,” according to the lawsuit.

When the tram reached the top, the Anderson family and other visitors who were not drinking tried to separate themselves from the from disruptive group.

“A short while later, however, the intoxicated individuals began to specifically harass and threaten the Andersons,” the lawsuit claims.

Brent Anderson, his wife and Grzeskiewicz sustained injuries due to the fight.

Three of the individuals were arrested for assault according to a Unified police report.

FOX 13 News spoke to resort officials Monday who said the fight should be settled in criminal court.



    There is no excuse for drunks who can’t control themselves in decent society. In this specific case these people are entitled to a settlement. Snowbird should have settled with them earlier. The drunks should have been refused a return trip on the tram …. unless they were in handcuffs.

    • mjs

      ahhh shut up, anotherbob. snowbird is not liable for peoples stupidity. the family could have waited til the next tram ride if they were so worried about “offensive” language. you can’t expect everyone to cater to your kids ears in a public setting. besides, they’ve heard worse on the schoolyard

      • JL

        I agree MJS—makes you wonder what they did to provoke them. All the punching took place ‘off camera’. Snowbird is NOT responsible. Someone should have walked away and took the next tram. Who wants to get on the same tram with a bunch of drunks anyway? Take some responsibility for your own actions.


        Snowbird has the ultimate responsibility for the safety of its guests MJS. They are responsible for the safety of their guests. When in public MJS you are expected to behave like human beings. Your boyfriend may tolerate your foul mouth but decent society won’t put up with it. Didn’t mommy teach you any manners?

      • mjs

        i guess you’ve never heard of freedom of speech. if you’re worried about your kids hearing coarse language, you shouldn’t subject them to events that are clearly geared towards adults. expected to behave like human beings? who decides what it takes to behave like human beings? if i’m with my friends, i act and talk as i please. thats what a grown up does. don’t like it? wait for the next tram. it is your choice to be offended and your choice alone.


        I guess you’ve never heard of a drunk and disorderly charge. I was unaware that a trip on the tram was clearly geared towards adults? Are you on some kind of medication MJS?


    Refined people don’t need to use offensive language to compensate for their inability to communicate intelligently. It is associated with people who scribble graffiti on their necks and faces with permanent ink.

    And yes, Snowbird can be held accountable for failure to protect their guests from drunken idiots that get themselves arrested.

    • laker66641010

      that’s a very subjective opinion. personally, i don’t trust people that don’t swear. if you choose to be offended, that is your choice. but it is not the persons responsibility to cater to your feelings. in the real world people swear and get tattoos. and it’s not your place to interfere with either of those things. if i’m in your house using language you don’t like, kindly ask me to leave. if i’m in public and you’re offended by my language, kindly keep it to yourself. hopefully snowbird holds strong and doesn’t give these idiots money. it is a frivolous lawsuit. the amount of time that has passed, since the incident, clearly shows that. I’m sick of people playing the victim card.


        They are suing over the assault Laker. Decent people watch their language around women and children. It is sad when some people decide to act like animals instead of human beings.

      • laker66641010

        last i checked snowbird didn’t commit the assault. and “decent people” is a subjective term. i can almost guarantee we don’t agree on what makes someone decent. and comparing them to animals is off base, as animals don’t speak.


        Snowbird is being sued Laker. It will be a jury and judge that decides on an award. I can already tell you the outcome.


        When a bar serves a patron too much alcohol and he is involved in a serious DUI accident the victims can go after the bar, and yes, they win.
        A jury will Snowbird responsible for giving these drunken fools too much alcohol, and yes, the victims will win.


    For those like MJS who assume I’ve never heard of freedom of speech try yelling “fire” in a theater or “bomb” at the airport. Drunken pukes who think they are free to disturb the peace get free rides to jail.

    Decent society doesn’t have to tolerate animal behavior.

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