Under Trump, half of Americans would pay no income taxes

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NEW YORK — Mitt Romney sunk his 2012 presidential campaign by deriding the 47% of Americans who pay no income taxes.

Donald Trump is hoping to win the 2016 Republican nomination by increasing that figure.

Half of Americans would pay no income taxes under Trump’s tax proposal unveiled Monday.

He would create a new 0% tax rate and expand the income bracket that falls into it to $25,000 for singles and $50,000 for married couples.

Trump’s proposal says it eliminates tax liability for more than 73 million households. It’s not clear, however, where the candidate is getting his figures on the current number of people who don’t pay income tax.

According to the Tax Policy Center, considered the authority on this matter, just over 45% of taxpayers, or about 76.5 million households, have no liability.

How many Americans pay income taxes is a very touchy subject. In 2012, several Republican candidates seized upon the issue, demanding that more people pay their “fair share.”

A hidden video caught Romney telling supporters at a private fundraiser that he wouldn’t focus on voters who are “dependent on government, who believe that, that they are victims, who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them. Who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.”

The reason most of these Americans don’t pay taxes is because they receive credits, including those that promote work such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, said Roberton Williams, senior fellow at Tax Policy Center. Two-thirds still pay payroll taxes to fund Social Security and Medicare.

Other non-payers are retirees or those with very low incomes.

“It’s not that they are deadbeats,” Williams said. “They make little enough income that their tax bill is zeroed out by various credits.”


  • The Lady From Yakima

    This isn’t news. About half the population doesn’t pay income taxes, and illegal aliens get *paid* EIC by the IRS.

  • sdad

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  • Dave Francis (@DaveFrancis8)

    Its my intention to vote for Trump for the simple reason that I think he will be the best of all the candidates in this race in terms of improving the US economy and our business with the world. His impressive record in business certainly does point to shrewdness, persistence, inventive judgment as well as being able to work really hard at some huge project and understanding what his patrons want? I think Trump will wind up gaining a lot of intersecting support, including from factions of people who don’t expect to support him, such as women. It offers a superior financially viable picture will for businesses and industry benefiting every American citizen and legal immigrant.

    All the doomsayers can beg, cry and use their negativity, but with Mr. Trump could mean a new day for America. The analysts, pessimists, Liberal Progressives, Anchors, can stick their attitudes where the sun don’t shine, as the man is beginning to unveil his agenda in details. Divulging a new tax system in a interview with Scott Pelley on ’60 Minutes’ the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he lays out key policy details and reveals a major part of his tax proposal. To me, my family and circle of friends and co-workers see somebody with a grand plan, to free Americans from awful tax system that awards “deadbeats” and people who use other peoples money to exist. A key interest to the millions who score high for Trump, is the illegal immigration plague. A cost that would anybody choke on their own bile. $$Billions of dollars and what do Americans get out of it–Nothing. What do the GOP Establishment, as Jeb Bush–Cheap labor. What do the Democrats get, foreign nationals who cannot speak English and will vote, maybe intentionally ILLEGALLY or NOT?

    With Donald Trump the WALL on our Southern Border and strengthening our Immigration laws. MANDATORY E-VERIFY or a new version that can check an individuals immigration instantly on a digital tablets, supplied to police departments and ICE authorities. NO more ‘Optional’ from the regulations we have currently, but obligatory, carrying harsh punishments for Employers who believe thy can snub the system. To repeat my previous commentary those who are here illegally, will begin to realize that employers could face consequences such as jail time. Suspension of business licenses is a good start and nasty fines, but reading that a company owner has been incarcerated, will deter illegal aliens and opening the door for citizens and genuine immigrants. Unauthorized people will have no choice, but to return home.

    The total of United States border patrol arrests soared in the month of August.

    The Associated Press reported that almost 10,000 immigrant children and families were arrested at the Mexico border as they tried crossing illegally during the month of August. Data released by the U.S. Border Patrol on Monday shows this is an increase of 52 percent from the amount of arrests made in August 2014.

    The White House press secretary Josh Earnest called the increase in border patrol arrests during August a “concern” for the administration. In 2014, after a wave of Central American children and their mothers came across the border illegally, the Obama administration took measures to try house them until their asylum cases could be heard, spending hundreds of millions of dollars. Detention centers were opened, as a deterrent to cross into the country illegally, for those waiting to have a deportation hearing.

    David Inserra, a homeland security policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation. “While this is a huge blow to the enforcement of the law, already most illegal aliens aren’t detained. Instead, they are allowed to enter the U.S. with instructions to report to a local ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] office or immigration court, which many do not do.” adding, “While the administration has taken steps to tell would be illegal immigrants that they will be returned to their home country, actions speak louder than words,” Inserra said. “It has become obvious to those contemplating illegally entering the U.S. that once here, you are unlikely to be deported.”

    Earlier this year it was reported that Mexico is deporting more illegal immigrants from Central America than the United States does.

    In conclusion, bringing in Refugees from Syria opened my eyes to the fact that the infiltration of ISIS Butchers could arrive here among the fleeing people causing mayhem. A friend in England remarked to me, that America has lots of guns, but in Europe most weapons are prohibited by law? It makes more sense to me that we should help with humanitarian efforts, by given money and life saving supplies to the Turkish and Egyptian Red Cross or alternative life-line organizations to keep the people in a country they know?

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