Utah Division of Wildlife Resources needs your help catching poachers

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If you’re out hiking, hunting, or enjoying the outdoors, the Division of Wildlife Resources wants you to know you’re on the front lines.

The DWR says it needs help in the war against poaching, and it’s asking everyone to keep their eyes and ears open .

Though the agency catches plenty of wildlife violators on its own, officers are spread thin and even if you’re not familiar with hunting laws, there are ways you can still help.

“There are times when maybe it is obvious, if someone is maybe shooting at night, or shooting from a road, or maybe they’re hunting in an area where maybe they’re not supposed to be,” said Mitch Lane of the DWR. “There are incidents that may be obvious to those that don’t hunt.”

The DWR says the most important piece of information you can give officers is the license plate number of an offender, as well as a description of the person and the location of the incident you’re reporting.


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