Driver identified after stolen car crashes into utility truck in Midvale

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MIDVALE, Utah - Police have identified the driver of a stolen car that cashed in Midvale Thursday as 32-year-old John Comly.

He and a woman were in the stolen Honda when it crashed into the back of a utility truck Thursday.

The woman was critically injured with chest and head injuries; he was treated in the hospital and released to authorities.

The wreck happened before 10 a.m. on 900 E. near 6900 S.

Officers said the driving the stolen Honda has an active warrant out of California and is in custody for the warrant and car theft.

Police said the Honda was reported stolen hours before the accident but they still don't know what caused it to slam into the back of the flatbed.

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    Perhaps the woman who is in extremely critical condition made an extremely poor choice in her association with a car thief. There are always consequences attached to our behaviors.


    Based on photos of the car the passenger has extreme head injuries. In the very unlikely event that she lives she will be a vegetable. People work hard to buy the cars pukes steal with no concern for the harm they cause.

    This is karma at its best.

    • Freind

      I think it’s to bad people are so rude and judgemental while it was wrong what they did they were my friends the woman was pregnant I guess it destroyed alot of peoples lives maybe think about the woman’s family and how they are feeling

      • TRUTH

        What’s a nice woman doing in a stolen car with a guy who has an active warrant out of California? How about a little sympathy for the people whose car they stole?

      • Freind

        U can assume and think what u want the woman will likely never talk again and yes she will live and she will b a vegetable what they did was very wrong and they both have paid for and will pay for it with there lives and the life the used to know I have tried to help them but u cant make anyone see their mistakes if they don’t open their eyes or help someone who doesnt want to be helped, wrong kind of friends maybe, but everyone makes mistakes god never gave up on me and I wouldn’t make the same mistakes as they chose, they deserve a little empathy we are all goes creatures. The driver will likely spend life in prison and the woman paid with a normal life so don’t u think justice has been served. And the owner of the vehicle likely had full coverage insurance. So I hope your kind words and your empathetic soul, help u sleep better at night

      • TRUTH

        Ever hear of deductible Freind? That’s what the owner has to pay. If there is a gap between what is owed and what the insurance covers the owner pays that too. If the owner only has liability insurance he/she gets zero, zip, zilch, nada.

        Too bad the woman insisted on making bad choices. And no, the driver will be out on parole in 10 years maximum. Most likely he’ll take a plea deal and be out in 6 or 7 years.


    He’ll get out on parole in a few short years. Then all he’ll need is a new girlfriend and a new stolen car to drive her around in.

      • Freind

        I hope this changes him I hope he learns from his mistakes and he realizes what matters I hope he thinks about his other children and what kind of role model he has been people make mistakes and they pay for their mistakes but people are not the mistakes they make maybe we should soften our hearts and pray for him her the owner of the vehicle and all of their family’s and the baby that was lost because of the accident what if it was someone u knew or someone in your family


    The man is wanted out of California, and the woman who is pregnant decides to get in a stolen car with him. Not to worry. The owner’s car insurance will pay …. right? Yes, the owner’s insurance premiums will go up and the rest of us will have to pay more because the insurance company’s money doesn’t grow on trees.

    Oh well, that’t the car owner’s problem.

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