Police: Counterfeiting tools, fake money and drugs found in St. George home

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ST. GEORGE, Utah — A St. George woman faces several felony charges after police said they discovered counterfeiting tools, counterfeit money and black tar heroin in her home.

Mug shot: Cheryl Herrera

Mug shot: Cheryl Herrera

According to a probable cause statement, Cheryl A. Herrera was arrested Friday afternoon after a search warrant was served at her home.

The statement indicates police found numerous pages of counterfeit money printed with at least 10 different serial numbers, authentic bills inside scanner/printer and paper cutting tools in the garage.

Police said they also found envelopes containing authentic money, small balloons, glass pipes with drug residue, transaction sheets and a small container with 14 small black balls of tar-like material that tested positive for heroin.

The statement also said police found scales with residue and baggies containing a white, crystal-like substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

Herrera, 26, faces 10 third-degree felony counts of forgery, two third-degree felony counts of possession of device for forgery, one misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia, one first-degree felony charge of possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute and two second-degree felony counts of possession of a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

The drug charges were enhanced by one degree because the home is located within 1,000 feet of a school.

Herrera’s bail amount was set at $90,000.

Courtesy: St. George Police Department

Courtesy: St. George Police Department


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