Utah mom who tossed newborn in trash undergoing more tests before judge determines competency

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KEARNS, Utah - The case for a mother who put her newborn baby in a trashcan has been continued again.

The judge said Alicia Englert will have another competency review.

She appeared in court Monday but the judge has yet to decide if she is competent to stand trial.

The issue is Englert's mental health, or lack there of, and it continues to be the center of the proceedings.

The judge was expected to determine if she wants to continue with the case or dismiss it but that didn't happen Monday.

Back in February a judge ruled an IQ test showed Englert may have an intellectual disability.

Englert was initially ruled incompetent to stand trial for dumping her newborn in the neighbor's trash back on Aug. 4.

Since then there have been competency restoration efforts.

The judge wants that to continue and said she wants specific testing completed and ready for review in 90 days.

Her parents claim she has diminished capacity, that she is basically on par with a 10-year-old child.

They said that even though she had a job and active social life, Englert did not know what she was doing or understand the consequences of her actions.

Her parents said they think the case should be dismissed.

However, if her competency is restored and she is deemed fit to stand trial, she could be looking at an attempted murder charge and possible prison time.

Englert is due back in court Dec. 21 and the stakes are high.


  • Lacey Anderson

    My 11yr old wouldn’t put a baby in the trash can. Heck, my 3yr old wouldn’t put a baby in the garbage!! A 10yr old is accountable for their actions. They know right from wrong. This is not an excuse!!

    • xLadyAriadnex

      I agree. I have two children younger than ten who wouldn’t just dump a newborn child (or any child, for that matter) into a garbage can. I feel that if she is functioning only at a ten year old level, then she shouldn’t have been allowed to participate in activities that would allow her to become pregnant – even if the parents both work, she should have been supervised.

  • xLadyAriadnex

    Diminished intellectual capacity or not, I have children younger than her alleged functional age level who wouldn’t just place a child in the trash, no matter how afraid of the consequences they might be. If she is functioning at a ten year old age level, her parents shouldn’t be allowing her to participate in activities older than said functional age level. Yeah, parents have to work, etc., but they should at least have had someone mature supervising her. What’s done is done, may that child rest in peace, but I think that she should be on birth control or something so she cannot have another child. At least, not until she can prove that she is capable of raising a child, though her actions show she will never be.

    • miles (dave)

      wait a minute “may that child rest in peace” im pretty sure the child lived. i remember hearing a news story about her visiting the child, and it was a big deal people saying they didnt think she should be allowed. but they allowed it on the grounds that someone from the state was there to supervise.

      am i confused or did the child die recently?

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