Oklahoma Pre-K teacher allegedly calls being left-handed ‘evil’ and ‘sinister’

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OKEMAH, Okla. -- A 4-year-old was allegedly forced by his teacher to write with his right hand, even though he’s left-handed.

According to KFOR, the child was sent home with a letter about how left-handedness is often associated with evil and the devil.

Zayde is only 4 years old.

It's his first year at Oakes Elementary in Okemah, but his mom kept him home Monday after a dispute with his teacher over being left-handed.

Zayde, like most kids in Pre-K, is learning how to read and write. And like his mom, Alisha, Zayde is a lefty.

“From picking things up to throwing things, to batting, to writing, to just coloring you’d do at home with him, he’s always, always used his left hand,” Alisha Sands said.

That was until last week at homework time.

Alisha asked him why he was writing with his right hand, not his left.

“I just asked ‘Is there anything his teachers ever asked about his hands?’ And he raises this one and says this one’s bad,” Sands said.

Alisha sent the teacher a note and got a strong response.

It was an article calling left-handedness “unlucky,” “evil,” and “sinister.”

It even says “for example, the devil is often portrayed as left-handed.”

Alisha couldn’t believe it.

“It breaks my heart for him because someone actually believes that, believes my child is evil because he’s left-handed, it’s crazy,” Sands said.

She went to the superintendent with the article.

“There was no suspension of any kind. There was basically nothing done to this teacher,” Sands says, “She told them she thought I needed literature on it.”

Zayde will likely transfer to another class just two months into the school year.

“I don’t feel like the school did what they were supposed to for him,” Sands said.

NewsChannel 4 called the school and were told the superintendent was out Monday, so they transferred us to the principal at Oakes Elementary.

She said she’s aware of the situation and the district is investigating. She hung up before we could ask any questions.

Sands is going to file a formal complaint with the Oklahoma Board of Education.


  • Dave

    Unfortunately for this twit of a teacher, etymologically, she is backed up by Latin, from which we take our cues in this instance. “Sinister” means “the left” in Latin; “Sinistram”, the “left hand”. That said, this is clearly yet another example of someone letting the “left” and the “right” be defined by her so-called Evangelical Christian understanding. Parents, take responsibility for what your kids are learning or this is what you get.

    • summerdsmith

      Guess how many kids will learn that being left handed is evil if they are homeschooled? Most homeschoolers are religious and have teachings that involve talking snakes, donkeys, etc. This is why there needs to be standardized curriculum and oversight to make sure that religion is not taught in our schools.

      • Vic Blu

        Wow, did you really say that?! That response is as bad as what the uneducated teacher did. Don’t generalize. You don’t need to paint home schoolers with broad brush.

      • summerdsmith

        Vic Blu, that’s why I said most. I never say all, I know that not all homeschoolers are religious, in fact I have several friends who homeschool. I’m just saying that curriculum should have some kind of standard to make sure that certain important things are taught, and that children aren’t being given misinformation.

  • Laura

    Could someone please explain to me how this is being allowed in a PUBLIC school! Whatever this teachers whack-a-loon religious belief may be, they have no place in the classroom! That poor boy. Honestly, I hope the mother does not give up pursuing this issue. If this teacher thinks being left handed is “evil”, who knows what other religious nonsense she is sneaking into her curriculum.

  • wes_evans2000@yahoo.ca

    Oh my! I thought that that went by the wayside years ago. I was forced to write right handed but that was in the early 50″s. What a shame that this is still going on in this day and time!

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