Pride Fest Provo celebrates LGBT community, promotes inclusion and equality

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PROVO, Utah - The third annual Pride Fest Provo is wrapping up this weekend. It started on Thursday with events throughout the city celebrating LGBT rights.

Event organizers said it was a great way to bring the community together and celebrate LGBT rights in a city that's considered to be one of the most conservative in the state.

From games, to booths, to food and shopping—hundreds of residents turned out to celebrate and experience Saturday's festival in Provo's Memorial Park.

"It furthers our message of inclusion and equality," said Tosh Metzger, an organizer. "If every city or every county had their own little pride festival, imagine how much further the message would get across for inclusion and equality."

Participants said it's a great way to show support for the LGBT community and celebrate a person's right to love whom they love.

"You shouldn't be ashamed for loving the same gender," said Pride Fest Provo participant Brityne Brereton. "You love who you love."

They say it's also a good way to let people know they're not alone.

"It's about family and building a community for everyone to have a safe space to be themselves and be happy," said Guy Goria, a Queer Pride Show performer.

Pride Fest organizers say they think it's a good time for Provo to have their own pride festival.

"A lot of people think [or] feel that they're ostracized or not part of the mainstreams, so we we're trying to build a community, a queer community here in Utah County," said Organizer Jack Garcia.

Events wrapped up Saturday with a Queer Pride Show, featuring various performers dressed in drag. Organizers say they hope the event continues to attract members of the community—gay, straight, transgender or bisexual—to unite them in supporting LGBT rights and rights for the individual.


  • DDD

    When Lila Perry decided he wanted to be a girl the real genuine girls at his high school told him to dress in the boy’s locker room. It’s refreshing to see normal students put their foot down and tell a guy with all his boy parts that he didn’t belong around undressed girls. For heavens sake!!

    • Brian

      When people are different, real genuine people treat them with love and understanding and empathy. The true evil is in ostracizing a fellow human being for no reason than your own fear and lack of understanding.

      • DDD

        Thank goodness for the nearly 200 students that walked out of a Missouri high school because a boy, Lila Perry, decided to put on a wig and dress and wanted to undress in the girl’s locker room.

        If you’ve got boy parts Brian for heavens sake use the boy’s restroom. What you do in private is your own business.

  • Finny Wiggen

    This event was unnecessarily gross!! They took over town, and essentially made out everywhere. Totally inappropriate!!!

    It would be equally gross if heterosexual couples had behaved in such an aggressive and overt manner. You had to cover your kids eyes. If you want to celebrate your pride, by all means have at it! But let’s not act like… Instead show respect for yourself and for those around you.

    The people at this event showed an absolute lack of restraint, maturity, and respect towards their fellow man!

    • Brian

      Finny Wiggen obviously did not attend the event which took place in a park – not all over town – and was pretty much like any other community festival, complete with bouncy house for the kids, food trucks, byu clubs, and Mormons giving out hugs – literally. There couldn’t be a tamer festival.

      • Finny Wiggen

        Is it your theory then that attendees were dropped off in helicopters, that they ate only in the park, and that they were then picked up by helicopters. I wish they had, as you suggest, confined there inappropriate and gross behavior to just a single park.

      • DDD

        Mother Nature isn’t real tolerant of guys that decide they want to be girls. At least that’s what Lila Perry when he decided that he wanted to undress with the girls in the girl’s locker room. Any plumber can help you understand what goes where and why.


    All the normal folks were spending time at home grilling burgers and steaks in perferct late summer weather. If members of the LGBTQQ Community want to be accepted keep their orientation to themselves just like the rest of us do.

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