Park City pedestrians parade ‘A Mile in Her Shoes’ to raise awareness of domestic violence

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PARK CITY, Utah -- Pedestrians in Park City were looking exceptionally stylish Sunday as they strapped on some fancy footwear to show support for a good cause.

Men, women and children put on high heels for the third annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Park City event, and the playful parade aims to bring awareness to the serious issue of domestic violence.

“It's all about understanding that you don't know what it's like until you've walked a mile in their shoes,” said Jane Patten, Executive Director of Peace House. “So this is all about domestic violence and understanding, particularly having men understand, that it's a difficult subject. It's hard for women to go through domestic violence, and they need help and support."

Members of the Summit County Sheriff's Office also participated in the event, showing off some definitely non-standard footwear to go with their uniforms.

The event made its way through Park City, with its course winding through Sunday’s Park Silly Market.

To learn more about Peace House and their efforts to break the cycle of domestic violence, visit the group’s website. 


  • MIKE

    Why some women (and a few men) continue to tolerate domestic violence day after day and year after year is a mystery to me. Dignified refined women send the abuser packing about 1/2 second after the first incident happens.

    • Desconocido

      Not so easy to do, muchacho. Most of the time physical abuse is paired with severe emotional abuse. Abusers have the ability to manipulate their victim’s minds to make them feel inferior or trapped. But it’s always easier to criticize from the outside, I suppose.

      • MIKE

        My wife wouldn’t tolerate emotional abuse much longer than she’d tolerate physical abuse. My neighbor had a husband like that. He’s gone.
        There are women who call the police on an abusive boyfriend or husband and then show up in court holding hands with him.

        In American we only have to be a victim if we chose to be.

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