Sen. Mike Lee fighting Planned Parenthood funding with government shutdown looming

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SALT LAKE CITY -- For Utah Senator Mike Lee, the fight to take federal funding from Planned Parenthood is a clear moral issue after videotape recently became public showing a national Planned Parenthood official talking about the sale of fetuses for medical research.

"In the struggle between Planned Parenthood and its victims, President Obama and his party have sided with a rich and violent special interest group over the innocent women they exploit, the tiny children they mutilate, and the vulnerable communities they poison," said Lee, R-Utah, in a speech on the Senate Floor on Wednesday.

His fight could stall the passage of a federal continuing resolution to allow the government to continue functioning without a budget. The possibility of a government shutdown has much of Washington D.C. on edge.

Utah State Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck, D-District 24, supports Planned Parenthood. She said the reproductive services it performs help lower the number of abortions.

"Research shows that when you provide comprehensive reproductive health services, those are the type of things that actually reduce the need for abortions," Chavez-Houck said.


  • Hyrum_Justice

    Mr. Lee… You are a bigoted self serving servile flatterer. What business is it of the Government to look into personal decisions such as this? You are not a person that would ever be in a position where you would need to use Planned Parenthood. How in the world can you on your high horse advocate for or against the same? Taxation without representation. You shall be removed for meddling in things you have no right to infringe yourself upon. Science doesn’t care what you believe.

  • Troll_herd

    Mike Lee should hang for treason for the LAST time he shut down the government, costing millions. Now this, how much will that fiscal conservative cost the taxpayers this time?

  • Common Sense

    What is next Lee? Unless we stop funding anything I disagree with, I wil shut down this country and hold you hostage until I get my way. Isn’t that how Stalin and Hitler came to power? Hmmmmm


      Some people might say the same thing about you Bob. Fortunately for Senator Lee his parents didn’t believe in the execution of innocent unborn babies. :)

  • Alan Lewis

    Mike Lee might want to cite a single instance where Planned Parenthood has been found guilty of legal or ethical violations in its implementation of bi-partisan legislation governing fetal tissue donations. Or an innocent woman who’s been exploited, or a community they’ve poisoned.


      Senator Lee is running for re-election in 2016. He’ll beat the Democratic challenger just like he beat Sam Granato 62% to 33% last time. Get used to it Alan.

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