Fans scammed by fake ticket sellers turned away from sold-out Taylor Swift show in SLC

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By Jeff McAdam:

SALT LAKE CITY -- While thousands of Taylor Swift fans shuffled through the front doors of Friday night's concert with smiles on their faces, a handful got turned away, having bought fake tickets.

"I didn't know whether to throw up or cry," said Julie Gately, who bought tickets for her sister and two daughters last December. "I bought the tickets as a present for my daughters."

Gately and her kids had been counting down the days since February to Friday night's big concert.

"I was so excited when my mom told me she bought the tickets," said Isabelle Gately.

But the night before the big concert, Julie Gately saw a news report about a Taylor Swift ticket scam. Wondering if her tickets were legitimate, she picked up the phone to verify them.

A representative for the company, Smith's Tix, however, confirmed they were in fact fake tickets. Gately admitted she had purchased the tickets through a third-party website, a mistake she says she won't make again.

Determined to still find a way to get her kids in, Gately's sister and two kids went down to the arena to buy tickets from a scalper outside. They found three of them, but for double the price they had originally paid.

"We found a way to make it happen." said Lindsey Judd, who is Julie Gately's sister. "We spent a little more than we bargained for."

Energy Solutions Ticket officials confirm a few fans were turned away with fake tickets Friday night. They said the only way to guarantee the authenticity of a ticket is to buy it through the arena box office, or directly through Smith's Tix.


    • Ron

      Im not sure if you mean the company that sold her the tickets or Smith tix/ Energy Solutions arena……..If you mean the company that sold her the tickets, chances are its a fake company set up by a scammer to get people to buy online, since most people think its hard to create a website that looks official. This means that by now the scammer is out enjoying all the money he got from his/her victims who “bought” tickets on the fake site.

      If you mean Smith tix/ Energy solutions, then no they shouldnt do anything. In fact they did their part, they warned people in advance, like 2 days in advance i saw and heard the ads on TV and radio, that some tickets could be fake. But to hold them accountable for a crime committed by someone else is absurd.

      The lady had the right idea to buy the tickets in advanced she should of just gone with the sure thing and bought from the official sellers

  • Chuck

    The lady in the story is a scam. She sold her own tickets on KSL I live next to her Fox 13 was scammed doing a story on a scammer.

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