One dead, two injured after shooting at college in California

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Three men were reportedly shot on the Sacramento City College campus Thursday, and one of the three men suffered fatal injuries.

FOX 40 in Sacramento reports that school officials have confirmed that one of the people involved in the incident is a student at the college, and “A source close to the investigation says the victim that died was a student.”

While details of the shooting are scarce, students were told to shelter in place before they were evacuated from classes one at a time.

FOX 40 reports officials seek two suspects and that the shooting happened near a baseball field on the south side of the campus.

Some students tell FOX 40 it took the school’s alert system 40 minutes to alert them to the shooting.

Click here for local coverage and updates on this story from FOX 40 in Sacramento.



    I thought California had still firearm laws? Perhaps they should make more new laws that would prevent mental defectives from doing this kind of thing.

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