Copperton man accused of paying boys to get naked, giving them pornography

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COPPERTON, Utah — A Utah man is accused of paying four middle school-age boys to take off their clothes and perform various activities at his Copperton home.

Michael Wade Heagren, 55, is also accused of distributing pornography to some of the boys.

Mug shot: Michael Wade Heagren

Mug shot: Michael Wade Heagren

According to a charging document filed in 3rd District Court, Heagren was the boys’ basketball coach at their middle school. A representative for West Jordan police said Heagren was a coach involved in the Salt Lake County summer recreation program.

The boys told detectives that Heagren had paid them for chores and other activities between May 1 and May 19, 2015.

According to the charging document, three of the alleged victims said Heagren paid them $50 each  to lie down in a stream naked.

On another occasion, Heagren is accused of paying two of the boys $20 each for getting naked and running back and forth in a field by his home, the document said. Those two boys also told detectives they observed pornographic magazines in a room where Heagren asked them to undress.

One of the alleged victims told detectives Heagren sent pornographic images to his cellphone on two occasions in April and October of 2014.

According to the charging document, that boy’s father sent Heagren a text message and Heagren responded with this message:

“Hey, bud, your mom sent me a message. Sorry I had you and [name redacted] go streaking and pornography. Take care and work hard.”

Heagren was charged Wednesday with five counts of Dealing in Harmful Material to a Minor by Adult, a third-degree felony. His bail was set at $75,000.


    • laytonian

      This is a MARRIED MAN. Where has his wife been all this time when pornography was visible in the home?
      Your conflation of sexuality with a pedophile predator makes you look worse than the groups you constantly attempt to smear.

      • Elizabeth Ott

        It never said the pornography was in the home. I know this family and his wife is awesome, I can’t imagine what she is going through. Don’t assume she knew anything about this.

      • laytonian

        Have you read the other comments from WITNESSES as to past reports being ignored, that “awesome” friend of yours getting up in “church” and telling about how he has repented and everyone should just forget it?
        I hope you are not a parent. NO ONE should be a pedophile apologist.
        Did you read this?
        “Those two boys also told detectives they observed pornographic magazines in a room where Heagren asked them to undress.” That was in the HOME.

      • Elizabeth

        Whoa Whoa Whoa, I’m not a in ANY WAY on his side, I’m just saying that HE is the one is who sick and messed up and not to assume she knew anything. I’m just giving her the benefit of the doubt and hoping she didn’t know. IF she did then you are correct she is just as messed up and should be held accountable as well.

      • Will NEVER forget

        @Elizabeth Ott- His wife has known about this for over 20 years, and she has defended him and treated those who would try to stop him like dirt. I know because I was one of those. He has always been a predator, has always done everything he could to get close to young boys, how do you ignore that? He was excommunicated for this same behavior back then, and yet she continued to see him groom little boys and did NOTHING to stop him, NOTHING to help them. My son is one of those boys, he has never talked to this day about what wonderful Mike Heagren did to him, but he has also never been the same. One boy was addicted to drugs by lovely Mike, another tried to commit suicide after spending a day ‘fishing’ with him. Two boys from LeadMine went to the church leaders and told how Mike abused them sexually and told them no one would believe them because he was a pillar in the community and they were just nobodies……………..they too did NOTHING to help them. SHE KNEW IT ALL and did NOTHING.

      • Elizabeth

        @Will Never Forget. I had no idea, I’m so sorry for all that you and your family has been through. I hope this sick monster gets what’s coming to him then. It’s crazy how people like him can hide in plain sight for so long. I hope that his other victims out there can now feel safe coming forward so he can get the maximum sentence for his crimes.

        (let me clarify my first post, I haven’t seen this family in years, I had no idea that any of this crap was going on. I just saw that the OP had pointed out the fact that he was a married man and didn’t think it was fair for his wife to be held accountable for his crimes. She was always so kind to me and didn’t want her name smeared if she really didn’t know. Apparently I was wrong about her as well, which leaves me feeling super uneasy.)

      • SEAN

        Deviates come in all ages and sexes Laytonian. Recently I guy dressed up as a girl with a wig and dress wanted to change in the girl’s locker room at his high school.


    HOLYCRAP, I can’t believe the victims finally found the courage to talk. CHESTER the MOLESTER is what he’s been called for as long as I can remember. Hope you find fun friends in jail to treat you the way you’ve treated young kids forever!

  • Vandie

    Knew it, we would never let our son close to this guy. He had a tendency to invite 2 boys to “do projects” for him. My boy would have nothing to do with him so he got lots of bench time. Hopefully they he gets lots of time to reflect on this behind bars and never coaches again.

  • francine

    everyday i find myself becoming more disgusted at the things other humans are capable of. so grateful that these boys were finally able to come forward, and that my brother (former player of heagren’s) was not one of the victims.

  • dd

    This man has been providing porn and booze to Copperton boys for 30 years. Then when his sons moved to middle school and high school he moved in on that using sports to find a whole new group. He is a predator of the worse kind. Befriending kids, giving them money in the guise of working in his landscaping business. Taking them on fishing and hunting trips, boating and trips to his cabin. The parents trust him and hand over their kids to this extremely nice guy. He needs serious jail time and I hope that is what he gets. He has gotten away with messing up to many young men with his obsession with them and their anatomy. Porn and molestation has a fine line, although he has not touched these boys, he has still molested them. (and may others as well.)

  • Will NEVER forget

    @Elizabeth Ott
    Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words. She is a nice lady and comes from an awesome family, but is blind to what he is, and has always been.

    • Sum1

      Any 1 ,can say they know some1 but truth be told you or any1else could never know the person to be a safe person or not . No matter who they are .. jodee massina kansas music will always find wings to help cope … I empathise with anyone in a situation like this and any other abuse .. cope find hope to recover ….
      Being a victim myself of abuse.. find a way to be freed …

    • disgusted

      The only way he will be convicted will be if more victims come forward. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be, but if you know someone who has been his victim I urge you to talk to them and have them report it to the police. There is no statute of limitations, and no charges have been filed for what happened years ago. Safety in numbers…they need to feel safe in coming forward and know that they did nothing wrong. He needs to pay for what he’s done!!!

      • Corie

        @Disgusted- You are so right and I am urging all the victims from all these years to come forward, know that you are not alone, and report this piece of scum so he can’t do this to anymore young boys. This is the only way he will get taken out of society.

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