Teen accidentally kills himself while trying to take gun selfies

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HOUSTON -- A 19-year-old Houston man, a day ahead of starting community college, accidentally killed himself Tuesday while taking selfies with a gun, police said

The gun blast hit Deleon Alonso Smith in the throat, CNN affiliate KPRC reported.

Family members were shocked.

"It's the worst feeling in my life," Eric Douglas, the victim's uncle said.

"It's a numb feeling. It's still unbelievable," Smith's grandmother Alma Douglas told the station. "Yesterday was my birthday and he came to wish me happy birthday, and then to hear this kind of news."

Investigator's told KPRC that Smith's cousin was in another room at the time the gun went off.

The cousin told police they found the gun earlier in the day. They're investigating.



      I’ll second the nomination for a Darwin Award. Even illiterates know you don’t point a firearm at anything you don’t intend to shoot.

    • KDC

      Would you be saying that if it was your son, brother or friend? Once again another troll uses the anonymity of the web to spew garbage that he/she would never say up front in public.


        I have no sympathy for a thief playing with a stolen handgun, and yes KDC, that’s exactly what Smith was doing. I do have empathy for his loved ones who will now have to pay the price for his absolute and complete stupidity.

  • LAKER66641010

    The story says “they found the gun earlier in the day”. You don’t “find” a gun, you steal a gun.

    • Troll_herd

      I foud a gun once, laying in the road. I called the police and waited so no kids would find it.
      Assume much?


        I’m sure the police bought their story of finding this gun hook, line, and sinker. LAKER66641010 may not be politically correct but he’s spot on. You’re more likely to get hit by lightning than to just happen to find a gun in Houston.

      • LAKER66641010

        I once found a $1,000 dollar bill on the street. I also called the police and waited so no kids would find it. Anyone can swap lies Troll.

      • C'MON LAKER66641010

        Everyone knows there’s is such thing as a gun and no such thing as a $1,000, so…. you just sound dumb right now.

  • LAKER66641010

    @C’MON LAKER66641010
    My mistake. I may have been a $10,000 dollar bill. Everybody leaves guns and large amounts of money laying on the street. If you think the police believe the cousin’s fairy tale I have a bridge I want to sell you.

  • derby hat

    HILARIOUS! What an idiot. Darwin didn’t just hit a Home Run – he hit a Home Run that sailed completely out of the ballpark and landed in the bay.

  • The Lady from the Yakima Valley

    I’m supposed to feel bad about this because?????? He was about to start Community College, was nineteen years old, had two children, and was playing with a firearm he allegedly “found?” Sounds like the guy who “found” a pistol on a bench in SF, that conveniently had been stolen from a federal officer’s vehicle, and then allegedly went down to “shoot seals” and instead murdered a young woman – although in SF, people would have been more upset if he’d killed the seals.

    Unfortunately, since he had already reproduced, he is ineligible for the Darwin Award.

    • littledee

      He found the gun. All you bigots are assuming it was stolen. He may have found the gun in the home. That was were MY mind went. Not thievery. No empathy but sure a lot of hate and negativity. I’m sorry for his family and their loss. He seems like a good kid that made one of the irreversible mistakes. We all make mistakes unfortunately this one was permanent.

  • brad

    natural selection at work here people! see he shot himself so thats his fault but if he shot someone else then its a gun control problem!

    but i do feel a bit bad for this guy losing his life

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