Students walk out in dispute over locker rooms and transgender student

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Hillsboro, Mo. – More than 150 students walked out of Hillsboro High School over a dispute about the use of the girl’s locker room by a transgender student.

The walkout lasted for about two hours.

Roughly 30-40 people showed support for senior Lila Perry, who wants to use the girls’ locker room during gym class.

Perry was born a male but said she has identified as a female since 13. Transgender student

“There’s a lot of ignorance, they are claiming that they’re uncomfortable. I don’t believe for a second that they are. I think this is pure and simple bigotry,” Perry said.

A short distance away, a counter protest was being held by people claiming they have relatives at the high school.

“Boys needs to have their own locker room. Girls need to have their own locker room and if somebody has mixed feelings where they are, they need to have their own also,” protester Jeff Childs said.

Perry said school officials have been accommodating, understanding, and compliant with Title IX.

The school offered her a private gender-neutral restroom, which she turned down.

“I wasn’t hurting anyone and I didn’t want to feel segregated out. I didn’t want to be in the gender neutral bathroom. I am girl, I shouldn’t be pushed off to another bathroom,” Perry said.

Some parents have asked if it is an act by Perry to get into the girls’ bathroom.

A veteran gender therapist says it is not a ruse.

“That’s really important for many people to know and parents to know, that a person does not choose this, they really don’t. They know it very early on and are in a great deal of pain,” Patricia Berne said.

Out of concern for her safety, Perry dropped out of gym class.

She said she plans to continue to use the girl’s restroom.



    The doctor who delivers the baby usually has a pretty good idea of whether its a boy or a girl. If in question look at your birth cirtificate. Here’s a clue for those confused on the subject: If you can use the urinal without dropping your pants most likely you’re a guy. Guys use the men’s restroom.

  • Whoopie Doo McEnroe

    Does this person still have their boy parts? If so, they should not be allowed in the girls bathroom.

    I could just imagine back in the day when I was in high school. It was a community shower… the type the the 6-8 shower heads on a pole and we were all under them. Girls locker rooms were the same way.

  • Pedro

    It won’t be long before perverts put on wigs and demand use of female locker rooms and bathrooms…..all those students who “walked out” will have to politely tolerate the 18 year old bearded boy with a $2 costume wig staring at them while they pee pee, poo poo, and shower.


    By-the-way, They have stalls in men’s bathrooms that are identical to the ones in women’s bathrooms. If Perry is afraid to use a urinal can’t he just take care of business in one of the men’s stalls?

  • Mike

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how you “identify” you are a male or a female and that is the way it is. Especially in a child environment, you cannot allow a male to use the female’s changing room. End of story.

  • Shanika

    These days kids are cruel.. It is my opinion that they need to install a bathroom & changing area for them.. My child doesn’t like changing in front of her classmates that’s transgender.. It’s not right..

  • bookmombecca

    I understand that everyone has their own mind, but would everyone act this way if it was a girl that feels she is a boy.


      Are you asking if there is a double standard Bookmombecca? If urinals are not applicable then you belong in the girl’s bathroom. In the old days the answer was obvious. Why are we asking it now?

  • Kris Ashdown

    If this person has been offered an alternative dressing room, this person needs to pull their head out and use it! Forgive me if I am strong with my language but how is it fair for that person to say how others feel if he/she doesn’t like to be told how he/she feels?

  • Nicole

    All these angry and cruel comments make me so sad. The lack of compassion here is becoming more and more common.
    I hope you people someday are put into a position to learn that kindness you seem to lack right now.


      What part of expecting men to use the men’s restroom don’t you get Nicole? Perry would do HIMSELF a favor by turning HIS gaze outward and offering HIS time and energy to the charity of HIS choice.

    • LAKER66641010

      It can’t be healthy trying to live a lie. Having to shave each day and seeing his boy parts in the mirror everytime he showers are constant reminders of who he really is. He just can’t be happy pretending to be something he isn’t.

    • valsat

      When I was in high school I felt uncomfortable with my body already and I’m sure many girls feel that way now….so why make it worse having this “boy” use the lockroom too? I wouldn’t want my daughter feeling uncomfortable.

  • bob

    Gender is determined by chromosomes.

    If all a high school boy has to do in order to access the girl’s shower is put a bobby pin in his hair I expect a sudden rash of “transgender” boys.

    The girls should refuse to participate in gym class until they’re provided facilities that cater to THEIR “chosen” gender. They have rights too.

  • Carolyn williams

    I would not want my daughter in p. E. Dressing or in the girls bathroom with a confused guy with male body parts. That was good for the school to give HIM a place to go to.

  • Laura

    And congratulations. We didn’t have separate bathrooms when I went to school and nothing ever happened. Boys were nothing but nice and respectful, and when we went on school trips they made sure no one else bothered us girls either. I have had mixed slumber parties, again nothing happened ever. Perhaps if people weren’t so persistently being broken into groups it wouldn’t be all that interesting to cross the line parents and society seem adept to place. What on earth do they think the kid is going to do in the girl’s bathroom???


      Smart parents don’t permit mixed slumber parties Laura, and they teach their children values like chastity. When people “cross the line” they end up with unwanted children (or have to get abortions), and let’s not forget the thrills and chills associated with the STDs that go hand in hand with your type of life style.

    • LAKER66641010

      Nice boys don’t want anything to do with girls who, as you put it, cross the line. The not so nice boys have lists of the girls who put out, and pass those lists around. Are you on some of those lists Laura?

    • Pedro

      Laura…Did you grow up on the set of “Little House on the Prairie?” In the real world there are perverts, manipulators, liars, thief’s…etc.

  • go

    You are a boy! Im sorry you do not know your a boy, but your mental illness is no reason to put others in an uncomfortable position. Go get the help you need.

  • Fuzzy

    Good for them! The best thing to do is to ostracize this guy. When practical, everyone should get up and leave the room when he walks in. At a minimum, totally ignore him and do not talk to him. Maybe that is what this Freak Show needs to see the light and get counseling. He might still be able to turn his life around before it’s too late.

    • Ty

      Fuzzy the only Freak Show here is you. I hope that when you die god looks down on you and criticizes you for every hateful thing that you have said to this poor girl. You should be ashamed of yourself!


        Perry is a guy honey, and as he found out the hard way, the students at Hillsboro High School arn’t about to let him use the girl’s dressing room. Bt the way TY, when Perry gets to heaven, or some other place, he’s going to have to use the men’s restroom there too. :)

  • karl

    Wow, between this sick Wacko and the Ferguson thugs, Missouri has certainly become the display case for Liberalism run amok.

  • Jakkik

    This guy was accommodated by his school for a private bathroom and change area. He turned it down. He doesn’t want to be accommodated, he wants to be able to watch girls undress and he can’t do it from the privacy of his own bathroom.

    There should be now 3 types of bathrooms, done is a scientific manner, none of this I feel like a boy today, or a girl tomorrow, and a tranny today (which he has changed his gender several times);

    Bathrooms should be labeled: XX XY or 46XY. Women are XX, Men are XY and hermaphrodites are 46XY. That covers everyone, scientifically.

  • Dex

    What is stopping guys who also identify themselves as guys from claiming they identify as a women to get a peek inside the ladies restroom or women who identify themselves as female claiming they identify themselves as male in order to venture into the men’s restroom? We had a transgender female years ago in our workplace and female employees felt uncomfortable with this person who use to be a guy inside the restroom. They felt uncomfortable mainly because they identify her as a he after years of working alongside her when she was a he. She filed a discrimination suit after she was told that until she develops breasts, a female voice, and female genitals she would have to use the men’s room. This also made a lot of men uncomfortable. I remember a contractor who doesn’t normally work in our area one time trying to kick her out of the restroom thinking she was a female who walked into the wrong restroom and was a little shocked when he was told that she was once a guy and cannot go into the women’s restroom until he completely changes to a woman. I didn’t realize they do sex change operations so early in age. What happens if someone gets a sex change than later in life decides they better identify with the gender they were born with?

  • big john stankus

    This guy is clever, I will give him that. He is taking advantage of the excessively rampant retarded liberalism that is spreading in this nation like cancer these days. I wish I could have strolled into the girls locker room when I was in high school, yes I would have enjoyed that. And yes I’d enjoy going into an NFL cheerleaders dressing room today. These days, this guy even has a cell phone that he can pictures with while he’s in there. The fact that the liberals support this guy gives us a very clear picture of what liberals truly are.

  • Mohandes K. Ghandi

    Hooray for the transgender student! I think females are getting a good dose of karma. Men have had to put up with our privacy being mocked and our modesty disrespected ever since the women’s movement came into full swing. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the progressive liberal females are whining about. Good!! It’s poetic justice.

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